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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Traphaco - Hội nghị Tổng kết công tác kinh doanh năm 2016

Bài trước: Hội thao Traphaco

"Move the yardsticks" nghĩa là gì?

Mếu vì biên tập viên yêu cầu sửa quá nhiều. Photo courtesy kellywritershouse.

'Move the yardsticks' = move the goalposts (di chuyển cọc gôn) có từ yardstick là tiêu chuẩn để đánh giá hay so sánh chất lượng, giá trị, mức độ thành công; vì thế, cụm từ này nghĩa là thay đổi tiêu chí đánh giá khiến người khác khó theo kịp hoặc đạt được mục tiêu (to alter the rules or parameters of a situation in such a way as to suit one's needs or objectives, making it more difficult for someone else to succeed, keep pace, or achieve an opposing objective).

Ví dụ
We want to make sure that the contribution we make actually move the yardsticks forward.

If retirement is not our goal, many of us plan to sell when our business reaches some imaginary milestone like $5 million in sales or a million dollars of EBITDA, but a funny thing happens when you reach your goal: many of us move the yardsticks.

White said when Invictus organizers asked the Legion to be a sponsor, it decided the games “fit very nicely” into supporting veterans who were ill or injured and transitioning from military careers. About 30 members of the Legion council from across Canada met earlier this month and decided to donate. “It was unanimous. People were saying this is the right thing to do, this is the right place to be, this is helping to break the stigma, this is helping to move the yardsticks for those people making the transition.”

Phạm Hạnh

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