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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tòa soạn - Báo Đầu tư

vào thẳng phòng đầu não... :)

Bài trước: Công ty Traphacosapa

"Stuck in a time warp" nghĩa là gì?

Hong Kong time warp. Photo courtesy Edward Dalmulder.

'Stuck in a time warp' = bị tắc trong sự vặn vẹo của thời gian -> nghĩa là không hề thay đổi gì so với quá khứ, nhất là theo cách cổ lỗ sĩ (to remain unchanged from a time in the past, especially in an antiquated or obsolete way).

Ví dụ
Target (NYSE:TGT) is one of the largest discount stores in the U.S., but it seems the company has been stuck in a time warp.

Even when Pakistan had seniors like Misbah and Younis Khan on board, their batting approach in one-day cricket was stuck in a time warp.

Funny how this state's forward-looking "progressives" seem to be stuck in a time warp several decades behind Gov. Walker and the Republicans.

The more I engage with Republicans post-election, the more I realize how badly they are still reeling from their loss to President Obama in 2008. The more I realize that they are stuck in a time warp reminiscent of a 1980s movie with no path or plan to move America forward.

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