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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ý tưởng chống ùn tắc cho giao thông Hà Nội

đó là bơi để đến chỗ làm và về nhà... :)
Munich resident David Benjamin both lives and works near the city’s Isar river, and after becoming disenchanted (thất vọng) with the constant gridlock (tình trạng kẹt xe) on the road that parallels it, he decided it would be both fun and efficient to jump his ass into that water and swim the two kilometers to his office.

In cold weather he wears a wetsuit, and he always carries all his stuff (including HIS LAPTOP!) in a special Swiss dry bag that doubles as a flotation device (như phao bơi), a thingy popular in Basel with the scores of recreational Rhine swimmers, who use it to stow what I can only assume are their multiple $5000 watches and hordes of exceptional chocolate.

Bài trước: Không cần xây hầm để xe khi xây chung cư

Cảnh giác với “sinh viên tình nguyện” rởm

nhờ là "cánh tay nối dài" của đội phòng cháy chữa cháy, thì lại tự hoặc nhờ "bạn bè và người thân" tạo cháy, để đến dập và nhận 10 euro/giờ... :)
Fifteen volunteer firefighters have been arrested (bắt) in Sicily on suspicion of starting wildfires and reporting non-existent blazes so they could earn €10 (£9) an hour for putting them out.

Police in Ragusa province, in the south of the Mediterranean island, said the fire department became suspicious (nghi ngờ) when it emerged that the auxiliary (phụ tá, bổ trợ) brigade had responded to 120 incidents (vụ việc) compared with just 40 tackled (được giải quyết bởi) by other volunteer teams over the same period.

The brigade (đội chữa cháy) commander, a refrigeration technician identified as DDV, was deemed dangerous enough to be held under house arrest (quản thúc tại gia), the Ansa news agency reported, because he was suspected off continuing to start fires after others had stopped.

Most of the remaining team members, whose private phone calls were recorded as part of the investigation, have since admitted calling the 115 emergency number or getting friends or relatives to do so.

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