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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Chiến lược quảng cáo du lịch thông minh nhất

làm cách gì cũng được, nhưng đừng như quận Miyagi ở Nhật Bản thuê nữ diễn viên (xinh đẹp, ngực to) cưỡi rùa bay trên trời, vừa cưỡi vừa... xoa đầu rùa nhé... :)

The video opens with Musubimaru relaxing in a traditional Japanese manor. Dan lovingly caresses his head and offers “How about if we go to Miyagi?”

Either because of Dan’s sultry (đầy nhục cảm, đẹp một cách bí hiểm và xác thịt) voice or the double entendre of her use of the word ichau, which can mean either “go” or “ejaculate,” (xuất tinh) Musubimaru promptly gets a nosebleed (chảy máu cam), the standard Japanese visual shorthand for a person being turned on (hứng tình), thus definitively answering the question of whether or not Musubimaru is capable of becoming sexually aroused.

...As their journey continues, they visit the statue of Date Masamune, the samurai warlord who ruled the region during the Sengoku period, whom Dan causes to blush as she leans against his shoulder. Next, when they encounter a pair of flying sea turtles, Dan asks the marine creatures for a ride by asking “Can I get on top of you?” while repeatedly stroking one of the turtle’s heads, which causes it to grow and flush with color as a trumpet fanfare plays...

Làn sóng thất nghiệp bắt đầu lan rộng

ở Áo, một nhà thổ đã phải mua thêm một búp bê tình dục thứ hai, sau khi búp bê thứ nhất được nhiều khách hàng còn chuộng hơn cả phụ nữ thật, đúng là đến "điếm cũng mất việc vì robot" chứ không phải cứ "blowjob is better than no job" như trước kia...
The unusual story of 'Fanny', a sex doll which has become the top-selling superstar of the Kontakthof brothel in Vienna, became worldwide news in July
Kontakthof brothel rents out sex doll Fanny for 80 euros (£72.90) per hour
They have now bought a second sex doll due to the huge demand for Fanny

Đào nhiều bitcoin để làm gì?

ah, có thể đi las vegas và boa cho vũ nữ bằng tiền ảo này...
If you've amassed a fortune in Bitcoin and don't know how to spend it, here's an idea: Go to Las Vegas and squander (hoang phí, phí phạm) it all on booze and lap dances (múa thoát y trong lòng khách).

Legends Room is a "gentleman's club" that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its own cryptocoin LGD for all transactions.

...The lap dances are where it gets interesting. During the event, dancers will be wearing a strategically placed temporary tattoo with a QR code. If you want to tip a dancer, wave the phone over the tattoo, and voila, you're doing Vegas, crypto-style.

If you're still unsure whether all this is too adult-only to bring your underage nephew along, keep in mind that the place will be teeming with porn stars (sao phim khiêu dâm) during the event, including Jesse Jane and Tasha Reign.

Gandhi bị hạ tượng

Gandhi phân biệt chủng tộc, người ấn hơn mọi phi da đen...

-> Ghana sẽ hạ một bức tượng của ông ở trường đại học ở thủ đô nước này
Ghana has said it will remove a statue of Mahatma Gandhi from a university campus in the nation’s capital where it had sparked (khuấy động, phát lửa) protests (biểu tình) over the leader’s allegedly (bị cáo buộc) racist (phân biệt chủng tộc) attitudes (thái độ).

The statue (bức tượng), which was unveiled (khánh thành) by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee during his visit to Ghana in June, was meant to symbolize (biểu tượng) friendship (tình hữu nghị) between the two countries, according to Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But professors and students at the University of Ghana called the statue “a slap in the face” (cú tát vào mặt) because of Gandhi’s “racist identity.” They started an online petition (kiến nghị) calling for the statue’s removal.

The petition, which had more than 1,700 supporters on Thursday, cited letters Gandhi wrote during his time in South Africa as evidence that he advocated (ủng hộ) for the superiority (ưu trội hơn) of Indians over black Africans. It also took issue with his use of the derogatory (xúc phạm) term kaffir (từ sỉ nhục để ám chỉ người Phi da đen) to refer to native Africans and criticized the lack of statues of African heroes and heroines on campus.

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