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Friday, September 29, 2017

“Lương giáo sư Việt Nam thấp nhất thế giới”

vẫn sống tốt,

giáo sư Mỹ phải đi bán dâm, ngủ tạm bợ qua đêm ở ôtô đây...

...The wry (nhăn nheo) but weary-sounding (mệt mỏi, chán nản) middle-aged (trung niên) woman, who lives in a large US city and asked to remain anonymous (ẩn danh) to protect her reputation (danh tiếng), is an adjunct instructor (giáo sư trợ giảng), meaning she is not a full-time faculty member at any one institution and strings together a living by teaching individual courses, in her case at multiple colleges. 

Sex work is one of the more unusual ways that adjuncts have avoided living in poverty, and perhaps even homelessness. A quarter of part-time college academics (many of whom are adjuncts, though it’s not uncommon for adjuncts to work 40 hours a week or more) are said to be enrolled in public assistance programs such as Medicaid. They resort to food banks and Goodwill, and there is even an adjuncts’ cookbook that shows how to turn items like beef scraps, chicken bones and orange peel into meals. And then there are those who are either on the streets or teetering on the edge of losing stable housing.

...The adjunct who turned to sex work makes several thousand dollars per course, and teaches about six per semester. She estimates that she puts in 60 hours a week. But she struggles to make ends meet after paying $1,500 in monthly rent and with student loans that, including interest, amount to a few hundred thousand dollars.

"Don't count your chickens before they are hatched" nghĩa là gì?

Giờ mới bắt đầu đếm thì dễ hơn nhiều. Photo courtesy Basheer Tome.

'Count one's chickens before they hatch' = đếm gà con trước khi nở -> nghĩa là tính toán hưởng thành quả của kế hoạch/công việc gì khi nó chưa thành hiện thực (to plan how to utilize good results of something before those results have occurred); chưa đẻ đã đặt tên; tính cua trong lỗ.

Ví dụ
We're trying not to count our chickens before they hatch, but the whole point of the (gaming) legislation was about economic development, not just casinos, and it looks like that is what's happening here.

I’m kind of superstitious (mê tín). I’m not going to put my cart before the horse, or count the chickens before they hatch or anything like that, but I’m very comfortable with the team. I feel that we have yet to play the best we have ever played, and I’m hoping that we will continue to rise.

UCLA Football vs. Colorado Defensive Preview: I never want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think we’ve got this one. We definitely have the quarterback (tiền vệ) advantage, and as bad as our defense (hàng phòng ngự) has looked, I don’t think the Buffs can make up for it on offense (tấn công). We need this win on Saturday and I think it’s ours.

Phạm Hạnh

Nam, nữ học lớp riêng - mô hình gây tranh cãi

tranh cãi gì nữa, chốt rồi,

nghiên cứu mới (ở hàn quốc) là: tách riêng tốt hơn, có nữ vào làm các bạn nam xao lãng học tập; còn có nam vào thì học lực nữ bị ảnh hưởng, vì "ong bướm vo ve", và/hoặc cô giáo phải chú ý tới học sinh nam kém hơn, hoặc giao kèm học sinh nam yếu hơn...
the presence of girls in the same school (even if not in the same cohort) distracts boys from academic pursuits. Girls on the other hand are less prone to such distraction effects, but suffer disadvantage when exposed to boys at the classroom level.

...For boys, the disadvantage of co-ed schooling is largely due to exposure to a school-level co-ed environment. For girls, however, it is classroom-level exposure to mixed-gender (versus same-sex) peers that explains the disadvantage from co-ed schooling.

While teenage boys may be more likely to be distracted than girls by a mixed-gender school environment (Coleman 1961, Hill 2015), girls may suffer more because of, for instance, an increase in disruptive behaviour (as discussed by Figlio 2007), or a diversion of the teacher’s attention to weaker students (as suggested by Lavy et al. 2012).

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