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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lãng mạn tiểu tư sản

nàng 28t, chàng 26t, xxx trong toile quán bar, cảnh sát đến điệu ra ngoài, yêu cầu gọi taxi về nhà, thì lại sang siêu thị bên cạnh, cũng vào toilet để xxx tiếp :)

the Clarksville Police Department was called to O'Connor's Irish Pub on Tylertown Road at about 1:19 a.m. Saturday. A security officer told police a man was in the women's bathroom, and then unlocked the door for them.

While one officer escorted the 26-year-old Clarksville man out of the bathroom, a female officer told the "completely naked" (hoàn toàn khỏa thân) 28-year-old woman to get dressed. "It was clear that the two subjects had been fornicating (làm tình) in the restroom," according to the warrant.

"We were still on scene investigating the original incident when the two subjects continued to stumble through (đi loạng choạng) the parking lot (bãi đỗ xe)," Officers kept an eye on them to make sure neither tried to drive. "Instead, they both entered the nearby Porta-Potty,". "Officers banged on the door several times before they opened it up. Both subjects' clothing was once again disheveled. It was clear they were attempting to fornicate again."

Both were charged with public intoxication (say rượu nơi công cộng) and indecent exposure (lõa thể khiếm nhã) and booked into Montgomery County Jail on $2,000 bonds.

Ghế massage ở Aeon Mall

cần có bảo vệ trông,

tránh trường hợp khách ngồi ghế massage nhưng... không mặc gì ở chỗ đông người qua lại :)

Police say a New Jersey man got a little too comfortable (quá thoải mái) in a massage chair at a mall.

...51-year-old Joseph Michalski took his clothes off in a massage chair at the Quaker Bridge Mall on Tuesday.

Authorities say when a mall security guard (bảo vệ) asked the Hamilton resident to put his clothes back on, Michalski punched him in the face (thụi vào mặt). Police said the guard then wrestled the man to the ground before police arrived.

Michalski was charged (bị kết án) with lewdness (tính dâm dật) and simple assault.

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