Journey in Life: 10/29/17

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Phân tích tội chống người thi hành công vụ

nữ tài xế say rượu bóp dái cảnh sát giao thông thì có phải là tội không?

The woman then attempted to drive the vehicle away and yelled something at the officer.

Several officers then arrived on scene and demanded the woman to get out of the vehicle. She then got out of the vehicle without putting the car into park. The woman then allegedly raised her fists aggressively toward an officer. A different officer then took Lee to the ground.

While the officers were attempting to take Lee into custody she reportedly grabbed one of their testicles and began squeezing them in an aggressive manner. After being carried to the patrol vehicle, Lee allegedly began slamming her head against the cage of the patrol car. While officers attempted to restrain her from hitting her head, Lee reportedly struck an officer in the head with her knee.

Lee was then transported to the Oklahoma County Jail.

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