Journey in Life: 11/01/17

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

T Coffee - Vincom Center Nguyễn Chí Thanh ở Hà Nội

ọp ẹp trước họp khóa...

Bài trước: Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo Phú Cường - 42, Nguyên Hồng

Xin nhận một nửa giải Nobel

vì đã tìm ra lý do vì sao khi cảm nhận bằng lưỡi (thay vì bằng tay) thì cái lỗ có vẻ to hơn... :))

For almost 30 years, scientists have known about the illusion that makes small holes seem larger when felt with the tongue rather than with the fingers (we don’t know who first discovered this, but we assume it was X-rated). Since that time, the reason for this illusion remained mysterious… until now! This scientist used a series of experiments involving, tongues, fingers, and even toes (ngón chân cái) to explore the phenomenon. He found that it’s the “pliability” (tính dễ uốn dẻo, tính mềm) of the appendage (phần phụ) used to probe (thăm dò) the hole  (cái lỗ) in question that determines how big the hole seems: the highly pliable tongue is more accurate and perceives larger sizes than the less pliable finger or toe. That is definitely not a double entendre!

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