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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mỳ ramen và cách ăn đặc biệt của người Nhật

dùng chiếc dĩa đặc biệt để "che đậy" tiếng húp sì soạt...

A Japanese firm has created what it claims is a world-first “noise-cancelling” fork to mask (mặt nạ, che giấu) the sound made by slurping  (tiếng húp xì xụp, nhai nhóp nhép, ăn soàm soạp) down noodles, dubbed “noodle harassment” on social media.

Foreign visitors to Japanese noodle bars are often startled (giật mình, hoảng hốt) to hear the locals – normally so polite and restrained – noisily slurping down their noodles with lip-smacking (chép miệng) gusto (khoái trá, thích thú). The tradition is supposed to show the diner’s appreciation  (cảm ơn, biết ơn) for the food (món ăn ngon) but some people are becoming bothered (phiền toái) by the noise.

...Inspired by Japanese toilets, which can be programmed to play an artificial flushing noise to cover embarrassing sounds, Nissin Food Products looked at creating something similar for noodles. The result was a giant fork that is 4.4cm wide and 15.2cm long, and has a sensitive microphone to detect offending slurps. When the slurp alert is triggered, the fork sends a signal to the user’s mobile phone, which plays the soothing sound (đoạn nhạc êm dịu) of flowing water (nước chảy) to mask the noise. The device has a USB charger input and can even be synced to users’ smartphones.

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