Journey in Life: 11/13/17

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Thử tạo cho mình những thói quen mới mẻ

vào tuần cuối tháng 12, suy nghĩ/đánh giá xem được bao nhiêu "vui thú" từ những hoạt động giải trí hằng tuần/tháng, và cân nhắc nên làm gì tiếp, bỏ/tiếp tục thói quen cũ và/hoặc thêm thói quen mới, v.v...
Hi, Dan.

Let’s say that your regular activities include things like playing poker with friends every week or gardening every weekend. How do you decide when to keep on going with these activities—or stop and try something new?


Questioning the value of our routines is good, because it can help us to stop doing things we no longer enjoy. It’s bad, however, because such questioning gets in the way of whatever happiness the activity gives us. So I suggest that you question yourself—but only for a short time. Perhaps take the last week of December to evaluate how much pleasure you get from your leisure activities—and consider what you could do instead.

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