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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nghe cũng có lý

nông dân scotland được khuyến khích chôn quần lót dưới đồng cỏ để... nâng chất lượng thịt bò :D

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) claim interring (chôn cất, mai táng) a pair of cotton smalls in a pasture (đồng cỏ, bãi cỏ) can reveal vital information about soil fertility (tình trạng màu mỡ, khả năng sinh sản).

According to the experts, sterile (tiệt trùng, khử trùng, triệt sản) and lifeless soil will keep underwear intact, but organically thriving soil will eat away at the briefs (quần đùi, xi líp), leaving nothing but the elastic waistband (chun quần, cạp váy).

Dig up the pants after just two months, and it is possible to judge how healthy the land is.

Soil conditions on beef and sheep farms directly influence how well grass and forage crops grow and, consequently, the quality of the feed they produce. And better feed produces healthier, tastier animals.

..."The theory behind the test is that the cotton will be devoured by the microbes and bacteria in the soil, so the more you have the better,” he said.

Bài trước: Lau súng cướp cò

Lau súng cướp cò

không phải, mà là đi cướp tiệm bánh mỳ, để súng ở hông khi bỏ chạy, súng cướp cò bắn vào... chim nên gục luôn :)

...Pouncy had pulled out the gun and demanded cash from two employees, pressing the gun to the head of a 39-year-old worker. The victim, who had been passing a bucket filled with grease over the counter, called for his co-worker to hand over the cash from the register. As they passed their wallets and a stack of singles to Pouncy, the bucket tipped and bills went flying.

Still pointing the gun at the workers, Pouncy stooped over to collect the cash. Shifting the gun in his waistband as he ran out, he apparently pulled the trigger, firing a bullet that struck him in the penis. One of the restaurant employees, 39, then began wrestling with Pouncy as he tried to run away, before he staggered out into the street. Surveillance cameras captured video and audio of the robbery, and showed Pouncy struggling to make it across the the street, stop on a bench, and make his way to the steps of a nearby house before collapsing,

Bàn về kỹ năng hỏi cung bị can

cẩn thận, tránh để bị can trả lời câu hỏi bằng... phát rắm rõ to :D -> kết thúc điều tra luôn

In his report about the interview, the detective wrote that when asked about his address, “Mr. Sykes leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering with the address.”

“Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview,” the detective wrote.

Charges were not filed at that time.

Then on Nov. 5, police pulled over a car driven by Sykes.

According to the allegations in court documents, police found marijuana and crack cocaine inside the vehicle. They also found a .38-caliber revolver that had been reported stolen from Overland Park.

Sykes made an initial court appearance Monday and was ordered held in custody pending a hearing later this week to determine if a bond will be set.

Để gia nhập cộng đồng tinh hoa

các nhà khoa học khỏa thân, chạy vòng quanh cột ở Nam Cực...

Membership to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world takes place around a short red and white striped pole in Antarctica. Only those who endure an atmospheric difference of 300 degrees Fahrenheit are granted entry.

...To join the exclusive group, the scientists must first spend time in the station’s 200-degree sauna. Once they’re fully cooked, they dash outside (at a brisk walk, because running is dangerous) wearing nothing but shoes and an optional neck gaiter to circle the ceremonial South Pole marker, which is hundreds of feet from the station. They then get back into the steamy sauna, which helps thaw their outsides while a bit of alcohol warms them up inside. Those who complete the challenge even earn a commemorative patch.

Though the thought of a naked scientist racing across the ice in dangerously cold temperatures to circle a pole may seem simply absurd, it’s actually a beloved ritual. The temperature only gets low enough a handful of days each year, giving the wacky tradition an almost ceremonial feel. Participants are usually cheered on by bystanders who use flashlights to guide them to the pole during the perpetual winter blackness...

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