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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cưới Đức Đăng + Huyền Đào

Bài trước: Cưới Đức Huy + Lan Hương

"Your son is your son until he marries, but your daughter is your daughter until you die" nghĩa là gì?

'Your son is your son until he marries, but your daughter is your daughter until you die'
~ ngạn ngữ Ireland

-> con trai là con của bạn cho đến khi nó cưới vợ, nhưng con gái là con của bạn đến suốt đời.

children's discovery museum, bangkok, thailand, 16/11/2017.

Bài trước: "Rob the cradle" nghĩa là gì?

Tư bản trong thế kỷ 21

trái với luận điểm của Piketty, nghiên cứu mới nói rằng các chủ doanh nghiệp tư nhân cỡ vừa, những người tuyển dụng lao động có kỹ năng và trong ngành ko tập trung (độc quyền), đóng góp chính vào bất bình đẳng thu nhập từ năm 2000 trở lại đây...

đại khái là private business owner chứ ko phải rentier (người sống bằng tiền lợi tức)

Have passive rentiers replaced the working rich at the top of the U.S. income distribution? Using administrative data linking 10 million firms to their owners, this paper shows that private business owners who actively manage their firms are key for top income inequality. Private business income accounts for most of the rise of top incomes since 2000 and the majority of top earners receive private business income—most of which accrues to active owner-managers of mid-market firms in relatively skill-intensive and unconcentrated industries. Profit falls substantially after premature owner deaths. Top-owned firms are twice as profitable per worker as other firms despite similar risk, and rising profitability without rising scale explains most of their profit growth. Together, these facts indicate that the working rich remain central to rising top incomes in the twenty-first century.

That is from a new paper by Matthew Smith, Danny Yagan, Owen Zidar, and Eric Zwick.

Bài trước: Bay là thích ngay

Trung Quốc thay đổi “luật chơi” thị trường dầu mỏ toàn cầu?

Bắc Kinh vừa công bố kế hoạch khởi động hợp đồng kỳ hạn dầu thô mới bằng nhân dân tệ, có thể chuyển đổi thành vàng...

China is expected shortly to launch a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold in what analysts say could be a game-changer for the industry.

The contract could become the most important Asia-based crude oil benchmark, given that China is the world's biggest oil importer. Crude oil is usually priced in relation to Brent or West Texas Intermediate futures, both denominated in U.S. dollars.

China's move will allow exporters such as Russia and Iran to circumvent U.S. sanctions by trading in yuan. To further entice trade, China says the yuan will be fully convertible into gold on exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

"The rules of the global oil game may begin to change enormously," said Luke Gromen, founder of U.S.-based macroeconomic research company FFTT.

Bài trước: Có nên tiêm vacxin?

Bay là thích ngay

hàng không giá rẻ phá vỡ thế độc quyền hàng không
For more than three years, the average one-way fare between Detroit and Philadelphia never dipped below $308, and sometimes moved higher, topping $385 at one point.

But then, early in 2016, fares suddenly started to fall, according to data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. By the end of the year, the average one-way ticket between the two cities stood at just $183.

…Even as a wave of mergers has cut the number of major carriers to four and significantly reduced competition, lower-cost airlines continue to play a role in moderating ticket costs.

…The cost of a round-trip domestic ticket averaged more than $490 in the first half of the year, up slightly compared with 2016, according to Airlines Reporting Corporation, a company that settles flight transactions between a number of carriers and booking services like Expedia.

The jostling, however, has left airline investors skittish. As the publicly traded airlines in July reported earnings for the second quarter, shareholders sold off their shares, worried about the fight over fares and capacity increases.

That is from Micah Maidenberg at the NYT. In other words, the market still has a fair amount of contestability.

Túi khí không bung

hy vọng sẽ không như vậy đối với các túi khí bọc quanh... cột đèn ở thành phố salzburg của áo (để người đi bộ khỏi bị u đầu do mải... cắm mặt vào điện thoại)

Salzburg authorities say tourists are increasingly hurting themselves by not looking where they are going while checking their devices.

Locals have described mobile phone users as Smombies, the short form for a 'smartphone zombie', and civic chiefs are taking action to stop them getting injured.

Local media interviewed phone users who said the airbags reminded them to take more care.

Pfanner said pedestrians were now involved in more accidents in the city than anyone else on the city streets - including cyclists, moped drivers and car drivers.

He said 40 per cent of the injured pedestrians were hurt because they were distracted at the time of the collision...

Bài trước: Nghe cũng có lý

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