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Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Three daughters and their mother, four devils for the father" nghĩa là gì?

'Three daughters and their mother, four devils (ác quỷ, yêu quái) for the father'
~ ngạn ngữ Tây Ban Nha

-> câu này langdu không biết dịch như nào, bạn đọc tự cảm nhận... :)

dinner at terminal 21, bangkok, thailand, 14/11/2017.

Nỗi niềm giáo viên môn phụ

giáo viên thể dục (physical education) không được đồng nghiệp coi trọng, vì quan niệm "Khổng Nho", trọng học chữ mà không rèn luyện thể chất...

...Bizarrely, though, while China’s superstar athletes are feted as heroes, ordinary athletes often face discrimination. Many are embarrassed even to admit that they play sports for a living, and work hard so they’ll be able to leave the sports world behind them.

This attitude can be seen most clearly in the way Chinese schools undervalue physical education (PE) classes. Educators marginalize both the classes and those who teach them professionally, and it is common for instructors of Chinese, math, or foreign languages to use time set aside for PE classes to give their students more instruction in their own subjects.

...In the summer of 2014, a student studying for her master’s in tennis education told me how during an interview at a middle school, one of the questions she had to answer was, “How do you view the traditional saying that Chinese athletes are ‘simple of mind, robust of body’?” (tay to, óc quả nho; đầu óc ngu si, tứ chi phát triển) This commonly used idiom reveals much about society’s depiction of athletes as dim-witted muscle-heads who are too dumb for real academics.

Confucian tradition tends to value intellectual achievements over physical ones. In the words of the Song-era scholar Wang Zhu, “All things are mean; only learning is elevated.” (~ "Vạn ban giai hạ phẩm,. Duy hữu độc thư cao" = vạn nghề đều thấp kém, chỉ có đọc sách là cao quý) This ingrained cultural attitude is the reason Chinese athletes are often unwilling to admit what they do for a living, and why many harbor dreams of switching to a more highly regarded industry.

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