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Monday, December 4, 2017

"A brilliant daughter make a brittle wife" nghĩa là gì?

'A brilliant daughter make a brittle wife'
~ ngạn ngữ Hà Lan

-> khi còn nhỏ là bé gái thông minh thì lớn lên thành bà vợ hay cắm cẳn :D

grand palace, bangkok, thailand, 18/11/2017.

Ông lão tốt bụng

có lẽ do nghe kém, mất thính lực,

vì khi không nghe được hết người khác nói gì, ta tự bổ sung thông tin lạc quan và gán những đặc tính tích cực cho người đang nói/bàn cãi... :)
Dear Dan,

As I’ve aged, it seems to me that the people around me have become kinder and more thoughtful—and, in response to them, I’ve become more liberal and compassionate. What drives this change?


I’m not sure what explains your increased compassion, but it’s very much to your credit. I’ve seen the same thing with my aging father: He’s become a lot kinder. I could suggest that long experience breeds wisdom and appreciation, but another explanation keeps nagging at me.

Then again, I know plenty of other people who have gotten crankier as they have grown older—and perhaps that is related to hearing loss, too.

Bài trước: Túi khí không bung

Cách đơn giản để gây dựng lòng tin

(thực lòng) quan tâm đến lợi ích của người khác - kể cả khi chính mình bị thiệt.

ví dụ, đi quán gọi món cá, 1 lúc sau nhân viên quay lại nói ko có,
./ nhân viên 1 giới thiệu món gà, ngon tương tự, giá rẻ hơn,
./ nhân viên 2 giới thiệu trứng cá muối, giá đắt gấp 3,

-> có xu hướng tin tưởng bồi bàn 1 hơn, khi chấp nhận tiền boa thấp để khách có trải nghiệm thú vị,
Dear Dan,

In my job I meet lots of new people all the time, and I’d like to build trusting relationships with them as I advance in my career. What’s the best way in business to foster trust with others?


One key strategy is to show that, even though you’re doing business, you care about the other person’s interests—even at a cost to yourself.

Imagine that you’re at a restaurant and order a pricey fish entree. One waiter tells you that the dish is sold out and suggests that you instead try the chicken, which is just as tasty and is also less expensive. A different waiter, by contrast, directs you to the caviar dish—which, you learn, is three times more expensive.

You will certainly put more trust in the first waiter than in the second one. The first has shown that he’s willing to accept a smaller tip (for a less expensive entree) because he wants you to have an enjoyable experience. And the next time you’re in the restaurant, you will ask for him. The best way to build trust is to show people that you have their best interests in mind.

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