Nhạc Giáng sinh bất hủ

nghe vừa thôi không thì ong thủ...

A study has found that holiday music on constant replay can be mentally draining (làm cho kiệt sức) for employees working in shops
A psychologist says: 'You're simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you're hearing'
About 61 percent of people experience stress during the Christmas season
But studies also show that holiday music puts shoppers in the spending mood

...Clinical psychologist Linda Blair told Sky News: ‘It might make us feel that we’re trapped (cảm thấy bị mắc bẫy) – it’s a reminder that we have to buy presents, cater (chăm sóc, phục vụ, mua vui, giải trí... cho) for people, and organize celebrations.' Music goes right to our emotions immediately and it bypasses rationality.‘

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