Do YOU have a depressed vagina?

depressed vagina, or vulvodynia = ngứa, rát âm đạo, đau khi quan hệ... không phải vấn đề hormon hay tâm lý, mà thuộc thần kinh

The condition, known in some circles as depressed vagina, or vulvodynia more precisely, manifests a range of symptoms including burning, stinging and swelling, and is often described as agonisingly painful.

...Vulvodynia - also known as burning vulva syndrome - isn't sexual, hormonal or psychological; it is in fact a nerve issue.

Dr Pagano explained as that particular part of the body is the most nerve intense, the condition can occur when the concentration of nerve endings in the vulva vestibule go into overdrive which leads to a hypersensitive response.

The condition bears some relationship to vaginal atrophy – thinning of the vaginal walls (hẹp thành âm đạo) - in terms of symptoms which can caused itching (ngứa) and burning (rát).

...Causes [of vulvodynia] can be very simple such as having intercourse once when not properly lubricated, trauma to the area from sexual abuse, or it can happen after first child birth..

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