Ung thư tinh hoàn: biết sớm, chữa nhanh

nếu chim cong thì hơn 40% (so với người bình thường) là bị đấy...

Dr Alexander Pastuszak, from Baylor College of Medicine Houston, presented evidence that could affect over 150,000 men with Peyronie’s disease in the UK. 

Patients with the condition, also known as penile fibrosis (chứng xơ hóa), were found to be 40 per cent more likely to get testicular cancer, a 20 per cent increased risk of melanoma (khối u ác tính) and 40 per cent risk of stomach cancer. 

He said that nobody had made the link before and that men with Peyronie’s should monitor their penis and testicles to catch cancers earlier

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