Muốn không khí sạch phải có luật

đó là (cấm, hoặc) dùng ít chất khử mùi thôi, nước hoa, xà phòng v.v... toàn chất hóa học, ô nhiễm cao như từ khí thải của ôtô...

The deodorants, perfumes and soaps that keep us smelling good are fouling the air with a harmful type of pollution — at levels as high as emissions from today’s cars and trucks.

...Researchers found that petroleum-based chemicals (chất hóa học dẫn xuất từ dầu mỏ) used in perfumes (nước hoa), paints (sơn) and other consumer products can, taken together, emit as much air pollution in the form of volatile organic compounds, or V.O.C.s (các hợp chất hữu cơ dễ bay hơi gốc carbon), as motor vehicles do.

The V.O.C.s interact with other particles in the air to create the building blocks of smog (sương khói, khói lẫn sương), namely ozone, which can trigger asthma (bệnh hen, bệnh suyễn) and permanently scar the lungs, and another type of pollution known as PM2.5, fine particles that are linked to heart attacks (đau tim), strokes (đột quỵ) and lung cancer (ung thư phổi).

Smog is generally associated with cars, but since the 1970s regulators have pushed automakers to invest in technologies that have substantially reduced V.O.C. emissions from automobiles. So the rising share of air pollution caused by things like pesticides (thuốc trừ sâu) and hair products (sản phẩm làm tóc) is partly an effect of cars getting cleaner...

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