Cho bạn gái 'mụn giộp'

ah, đó là thú nhồi bông (kích cỡ hàng triệu lần) các siêu vi mụn giộp... (bệnh lây qua đường tình dục), do một công ty đồ chơi ở Anh nghĩ ra...
Photo credit: GIANTmicrobes.

Itchy, inflamed, scabby, swollen: These are all words commonly used to describe sexually transmitted diseases.

However, a toy company is rebranding STDs as 'charming' and 'cuddly' with a line of stuffed animals based on venereal diseases in honor of STD Awareness Month in April.

A bright yellow sunflower-shaped herpes and pink syphilis spiral are just a couple of the toys sold by GIANTmicrobes, a company founded to help teach kids about illness 'in an entertaining and adorable way.'

-> they would make a great gag gift for anyone who wants to be able to say: 'I gave my girlfriend herpes,' :)

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