Journey in Life: Lý do không về nhất marathon

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lý do không về nhất marathon

bị gấu đuổi nên phải chạy thêm 5-6 km nữa :D

Veteran runner Denise McHale finished first overall Sunday in the Yukon River Trail Marathon.

McHale was quick to point out the two bears Morphet encountered while he was the lead runner most likely played a factor in her first-place finish.

It did force him to turn around and as a result he probably ran four or five kilometres more than she did,

...When he peaked back around the corner, they were coming toward him, and he decided running back down the trail to leave the area to warn and join the company of other runners behind him was the best choice at that point.

Morphet said he knows the rule of thumb is not to run away from bears. But with the adrenaline that was pumping through him at that point, he said the bears were not going to catch him.

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