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ô không cần cầm tay ở nhật bản trông giống như... bao cao su khổng lồ trên đầu :D

Remember to always use protection (from the rain).

Japan has an extremely convenient and efficient rail network, but in practice going out for the day involves not just riding, but plenty of walking. A 10-minute walk from your home to the nearest station is considered average, and after you get off the train, you’ve still got to hoof it to your final destination.

This makes rainy days a pain in the butt. Using public transportation means having carry a bag with whatever you need for the day, and if you’re also trying to use a map app on your smartphone to navigate Japan’s confusingly unnamed street system, you might end up without a free hand to hold an umbrella and keep the rain off yourself.

The solution, according to online retailer Dospara, is to get an umbrella you don’t need to hold. This week, the company began offering what it calls the Teburagasa, which translates to Hands-Free Umbrella.

...Of course, you can deflect any jeers by reminding people that while both condoms and the Hands-Free Umbrella are designed to block liquids, the thing you have strapped to your skull is to keep it from getting in, not spurting out. :))

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