Bữa trưa miễn phí

có chứ, nếu bố mẹ ko dùng điện thoại di động, các con sẽ được ăn miễn phí,

chỉ cần cầm điện thoại lên, mất tiền ngay, làm được ko? :)
Parents who give up their phones during dinner will be rewarded with free meals for their kids at one U.K.-based restaurant chain. For the first week of December, Frankie & Benny's is running its "no-phone zone" campaign in an attempt to improve family interactions at the dinner table.

The promotion was announced following a study that the Italian restaurant chain ran earlier this year, where they studied the dinner table behavior of over 1,500 people. And the results were staggering—almost a quarter of the parents admitted to not only using their phones during mealtime but that they did so while their kids were talking about their day.

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