Journey in Life: Lừa tình

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Lừa tình

một thanh niên florida làm tình (liên tục) với ngựa con (họ hàng của lừa :D)

In addition to ponying up to having sex four times in a week (4 lần một tuần) with the horse named Jackie G, 21-year-old Citra resident Nicholas Sardo told a detective (trinh thám, thám tử) that “he used a condom (bao cao su) each time because he didn’t want to get a disease (không muốn lây bệnh) from the horse.”

Sardo is charged with four counts of sexual conduct with an animal. His bond (xiềng xích, tù tội) is $4,000.

The sheriff’s office says a family member owns the horse.

Sardo said “he knew he was wrong for what he did and that he was a sick man.”


  1. Now they will have to get married and have their honeymoon at the Kentucky Derby.

    The groom is already complaining about his bride and telling everybody she's a real nag.

  2. They should send the horse for therapy, and send this sicko to a glue factory.