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Millennials in China Are Using Nudes to Secure Loans

photo credit: YouTube/TomoNews US.

Money lenders offering services like Afterpay are demanding that customers send naked selfies as collateral.

Microloan systems (hệ thống cho vay vi mô) have revolutionised (cách mạng hóa) the way we shop (cách thức chúng ta mua hàng). Desperate for the latest, very slightly updated iPhone? Sign up for a month-to-month plan and break that price tag down into manageable morsels (khẩu phần nhỏ). Always wanted a jacuzzi but too cash poor to front up for it? Sign up to Afterpay and for a series of $10 monthly instalments you could have that tub paid off in 60 years.

It’s the way of the future, and Chinese millennials are diving in headfirst (lao đầu vào). They’re not just using their microloan accounts to buy big ticket items like TVs and Teslas, either—some fintech companies are also letting people pay for small daily purchases like burgers or biscuits on a long-term, monthly instalment basis.

In a country where cost of living is high and the chances of getting a credit card are relatively low, this new form of e-commerce has opened up a world of possibilities for a whole lot of Chinese millennials. Because it’s 2018, though, there’s also a dark side to the system. Sure, you can get a 475 gram box of Oreos and pay it back in monthly instalments of 41 cents over three years, or go jetski-shopping with peanuts to your name. But first you might have to send some nudes.

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