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Friday, February 23, 2018

"Do not choose your wife at a dance, but in the field among the harvesters" nghĩa là gì?

'Do not choose your wife at a dance, but in the field among the harvesters'
~ ngạn ngữ Czech

-> chọn vợ giữa nông trường chứ không phải ở vũ trường...

không cùng em chung bước... Photo courtesy fookstar.

Có gì để khai báo không?

khách du lịch hàn quốc vào nhật bản, giấu vàng trong trực tràng...

Seven South Korean tourists attempted to smuggle blocks of gold into Japan at the end of January by hiding them in their rectums, according to aviation industry sources.

The suspects, all women in their 50s and 60s, were traveling from Incheon International Airport, South Korea, to Chubu Airport here. Metal objects were detected in their abdomen by X-rays and other inspections at customs.

The objects were found to be roundish-shaped blocks of gold sealed inside transparent bags. Each woman had concealed between five and eight items weighing about 200 grams each, which were confiscated by customs inspectors...

Để nhiều người đến đưa tiễn, thăm viếng

tại đám ma, tổ chức múa thoát y...

The Ministry of Culture said last month that it was targeting "striptease" and other "obscene, pornographic, and vulgar performances" at funerals, weddings and traditional Chinese New Year public gatherings.

...Some communities in rural China reportedly believe that bigger attendances at funerals help to honour the dead and bring them good fortune.

But some experts say the erotic shows pay tribute to fertility. "According to the interpretation of cultural anthropology, the fete is originated from the worship of reproduction,"

Reports say the new campaign involves people being offered financial rewards to contact a special "hotline" to report "funeral misdeeds".

Media has often blamed the shows on the increasing decadence and materialism of Chinese families, as the country opens up the West.

Ai lì hơn ai?

nghi can buôn lậu bị bắt, cảnh sát nghi ngờ hắn đã nuốt ma túy vào bụng, giam trong ngục để đợi lấy 'tang chứng', nhưng tên này đã... 34 ngày không ị :)

...His toilet strike made history on day 24 when Chambers broke the British record for spending the most days in police custody.

Officers believe he swallowed some of the drugs before his arrest in Harlow, Essex, and they have been patiently waiting for him to finally go ever since.

But with this waiting game now in its second month, Essex Police had no choice but to request more time to detain him in court.

Chambers appeared before magistrates yesterday, where police applied to keep him in custody for another five days.

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