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Saturday, February 24, 2018

"When the husband earns well, the wife spends well" nghĩa là gì?

'When the husband earns well, the wife spends well'
~ ngạn ngữ Hà Lan

-> chồng làm ăn khá, vợ sẽ tiêu hoang

tiền của anh cũng là của em. Photo courtesy Thomas8047.

Hài hước cũng có giới hạn

nữ diễn viên hài 31 tuổi bị chồng cũ kiện 30.000 bảng vì dựng chuyện về quan hệ hôn nhân của họ trong một buổi diễn...

...Neither side is saying publicly exactly what British comedian Louise Beamont said that has so enraged her ex. But she is now facing a defamation suit that could bankrupt the award-winning comic.

Beamont says it’s an issue of free speech and the legal action against her an attempt “to silence me.”

Lawyers for her estranged husband, Thomas Reay, allege Beamont made “entirely false” and “very serious and inflammatory (khích động) allegations (cáo buộc) of wrongdoing against him” during a standup show that gave the impression their relationship was an abusive one. Thomas Reay is now seeking 30,000 pounds (about $53,000 CDN) in damages, legal costs and, according to Beamont, an injunction to prevent her from publishing statements about him.

The 31-year-old comedian has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover her legal costs. As of Tuesday, she had raised more than half her initial target of at least 10,000 pounds...

Có vẻ có lý

nông dân dựng ảnh diễn viên điện ảnh gợi tình làm hình nộm để đuổi quạ và người qua đường, ảnh đây...

A farmer has put up a massive poster of a porn star in his field to keep his crops safe.

Chenchu Reddy says his alternative scarecrow works and he even believes the picture to be magic as it's helped his crops.

The 45-year-old is growing crops in 10 acres of farmland in Andhra Pradesh, India, and said they have been attracting the attention from villagers and passersby.

So to ward off "their evil eye" he decided to put up a poster of the erotic actress Sunny Leone...

6 Degrees Cafe - Nghi Tàm ở Hà Nội

ẩn mình trên tầng cao nhất (tầng 9) của 1 toà nhà thương mại, không gian gặp gỡ của giới trẻ... :)

bạn học năm 1989, cách đây 29 năm

Bài trước: Nhà Hàng Sành Quán - 81 Tuệ Tĩnh

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