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Monday, March 5, 2018

Only a fool asks, "What do you want with my wife?" nghĩa là gì?

Only a fool asks, "What do you want with my wife?"
~ ngạn ngữ Ý

= chỉ có thằng ngốc mới hỏi, "Anh muốn gì ở vợ tôi?"

lãng mạn như ở... hồ thành công. Photo courtesy jean-louis Zimmermann.

Bài trước: "Whoever depends on his wife's earnings will not succeed"

Nơi không ngờ nhất

nghi phạm giấu ma túy trên mái phòng thẩm vấn ở đồn cảnh sát...

...Ninety minutes later, the video shows Hartman stacking a chair on the table, climbing on top and messing around with the ceiling tile. Officers catch him in the act and they wonder if he's trying to escape. One officer told Hartman that was a "stupid move." "You're at the frickin' police station, man and you put a chair up and tried to get in the ceiling," the officer said.

Turns out Hartman wasn't escaping, he was hiding something. The officer didn't see it when he searched the ceiling, and it's easy to miss. A white ball falls out when the officer lifts the ceiling tile. He found someone's else wallet up there. But did not see the cocaine in the ceiling fall to the floor. It wasn't until the technician straightened up the room when she discovered the drugs on the floor.

Prosecutors ended up charging Hartman with drug possession. A judge sentenced him to nine months probation.

Bài trước: Ai lì hơn ai?

Thực trạng bệnh viện tuyến huyện: Mất niềm tin

phẫu thuật mổ sọ não trên... nhầm bệnh nhân, như trường hợp ở kenya

Staff from nurses to the CEO have been suspended at a Nairobi hospital after the wrong patient underwent brain surgery.

One patient needed surgery for a blood clot on the brain, the other only non-invasive treatment for swelling. But a horrifying mix-up of identification tags saw the wrong man operated on, reports say. The doctors did not realise their mistake until "hours into the surgery", they then realised "there was no blood clot".

...Social media users have expressed shock that such an incident could have been allowed to happen. It comes only six weeks after the health minister ordered an investigation into claims new mothers were sexually assaulted (sản phụ bị quấy rối tình dục) at the same hospital.

Nguy cơ từ thuốc lá điện tử

nổ (trong quần) như bom...

A Derby man is suing a Wichita vaping shop after he says a spare battery for his e-cigarette exploded in the front pocket of his pants.

Daniel Anderson suffered chemical and thermal burns to his left leg and hands caused by fire and heat that rolled out of the lithium ion battery,

“It was like a flame thrower. It just ignited and was a big ball of fire,”

Anderson was carrying the spare battery, his car keys and coins in his left front pocket of his pants the morning of Feb. 29, 2016, while he was at work. When the metal items touched, it caused a short to the outside of the battery...

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