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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"The wife cries before the wedding, the husband after" nghĩa là gì?

'The wife cries before the wedding, the husband after'
~ ngạn ngữ Luxembourg

= người vợ khóc trước đám cưới, người chồng sau khi cưới

ai khổ vì ai... Photo courtesy John Hope.

Cẩn thận trẻ em với thang máy

đái lên bảng điều khiển -> thang máy hỏng và kẹt cứng trong đó luôn

The incident was caught on a surveillance (theo dõi) camera and the footage (cảnh quay) was published on social media by the Ministry of Public Security. In the footage, the boy enters the empty lift inside a block of flats in Chongqing and selects his floor. He then unzips his fly and takes aim. After some experimenting, he adjusts his trajectory (đường đạn) and succeeds in drenching (làm ngập) the entire panel.

Apparently pleased with himself, he zips up and waits for the lift to reach its destination. Unfortunately for the mystery micturater (= urinate, đái), his urine (nước đái) played havoc  (phá hoại) with the lift’s wiring (dây điện) and instead of the doors functioning properly, they opened just a crack (khe nhỏ) and then closed again. At the same time, all of the buttons on the control panel began flashing (nhấp nháy) and after a brief pause, the light inside the lift went out.

“Loạn” bảo hiểm tự nguyện

nữ biên tập viên thời tiết argentina bảo hiểm vòng mông căng tròn khỏi "mọi rủi ro"

The 24-year-old is a huge Latin America media star and is considered the sexiest weathergirl in her home country of Argentina.

The blonde bombshell appears on TyC Sports channel and has millions of social media followers. Perez's saucy (thô lỗ một cách hỗn xược) snaps often receive hundreds of thousands of likes and comments, while her weather forecasts are said to be so popular that they make men late for work.

...Sol Perez insured her taut derriere (mông căng tròn) for £72,000 GBP (2million Argentine Pesos) after finding a company who was willing to offer a suitable settlement for her most-prized asset.

Làm thơ cũng là một nghề nguy hiểm

hằng đêm sáng tác, ngâm thơ -> bị hàng xóm phía dưới cầm dao lên đâm luôn

John Paul Mulready (40) burst into his neighbour's flat brandishing (khua, vung) a serrated  (có răng cưa) peeling knife after hammering at the door shouting about music being played.

The injured party, Dermot Byrne, told gardaí that there was a brief standoff after he picked up a frying pan to defend himself, but then Mulready tackled him to the ground, stabbed him in the leg and bit him on the face. Mr Byrne, who composes poetry, eventually got rid of the attacker by swinging a large bottle of vodka at him after another neighbour intervened...

Bài trước: Nơi không ngờ nhất

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