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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nghiện game nặng có thể dẫn tới hành vi giết người?

đúng rồi, mải chơi game nhiều quá, nên ít có nhu cầu tình dục -> bị bạn gái (nay là cũ) chém bằng kiếm samurai vì nghi ngoại tình, vãi chưởng :D

He credits his survival to "Wing Chun."

Alex Lovell said his extensive video game playing made him lose his sex drive, leading his girlfriend to suspect him of infidelity (không chung thủy, bội tín, không tin đạo Công giáo) — and then allegedly attack him with a sword as he slept.

"It killed my sex drive. I was training too hard, it exhausted me. I felt bad because she needed the affection (yêu mến, cảm tình). I just couldn't keep up," Alex Lovell, 29, said of his video game training regimen leading up to the attack.

"She thought I was having sex with other people," Lovell said.

Lovell was found by police curled up in the bedroom in Camas, bleeding with multiple lacerations (vết rách) and life-threatening injuries in the middle of the night on March 3...

Có Chúa toàn năng, sao những điều tồi tệ vẫn xảy ra?

vì người ngoài hành tinh hack thế giới của chúng ta :)

...Astrophysicists (nhà vật lý thiên văn) Michael Hippke and John Learned argue in a recent paper that our telescopes (kính viễn vọng) might pick up hazardous (nguy hiểm, mạo hiểm) messages sent our way — a virus that shuts down our computers, for example, or something a bit like cosmic  (thuộc vũ trụ) blackmail (tống tiền): “Do this for us, or we’ll make your sun go supernova (siêu tân tinh) and destroy Earth.” Or perhaps the cosmic hackers could trick us into building self-replicating nanobots, and then arrange for them to be let loose to chew up our planet or its inhabitants.

Mind you, making a small star like the sun go supernova would be a mind-boggling trick — one that would impress astrophysicists (if any were left). As for the nanobots, I figure the aliens need only wait a century or two, and we’ll make the little devils ourselves, without any help.

"Never take a wife till you know what to do with her" nghĩa là gì?

'Never take a wife till you know what to do with her'
~ ngạn ngữ Scotland

= đừng bao giờ lấy vợ cho đến khi biết phải làm gì với cô ta

sợ vợ sống lâu, nể vợ bớt ưu sầu... Photo courtesy Agence Tophos.

Bài trước: "Why marry, when your neighbor's wife is ready to go to bed with you?" nghĩa là gì?

"Give a dog a bad name and hang him" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy antonio.

'Give a dog a bad name and hang him' = nếu ai bị nói xấu, dèm pha thì người đó sẽ khó khăn, khổ sở (if a person's reputation has been besmirched then he will suffer difficulty and hardship), thành ngữ tương tự là 'he that has an ill name is half hanged'; không ưa thì dưa có giòi.

Ví dụ
As history shows, psychological branding has been used to devastating success in public discourse, unleashed most effectively by Lenin when he urged his comrades to “give a dog a bad name and hang him.”

We now have in Africa some leadership that treats its people with utter contempt. Citizens that criticise them are given labels of hate. Labels are the starting point to massive character assassination and whatever that follows. Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

As in the old adage, 'give a dog a bad name and hang him,' the current basic education system in Kenya is in the process of being put on the chopping board, as it had been tagged as elitist, punitive to learners and had been blamed of transforming schools into exam factories.

Phạm Hạnh

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