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Saturday, April 21, 2018

"No matter how often a man quarrels with his wife he doesn't do so during the hours leading to bedtime" nghĩa là gì?

'No matter how often a man quarrels with his wife he doesn't do so during the hours leading to bedtime'
~ ngạn ngữ Nam Phi

= dù có suốt ngày cãi nhau với vợ, thì cũng tránh giờ sắp đi ngủ

nếu không muốn ngủ ngoài đường... Photo courtesy pixabay.

"Curse your wife at evening, sleep alone at night" nghĩa là gì?
"It is not by watching a newly wed wife that she is going to become pregnant" nghĩa là gì?

Lý do thuyết phục

8 cảnh sát Argentina phải ra tòa vì nói rằng chuột ăn hết... nửa tấn ma túy bị tịch thu 2 năm trước :)

An inspection of facility near the capital of Buenos Aires revealed how 540kg was missing from the 6,000kg that had been registered two years before.

Police commissioner Javier Specia was dragged before a judge alongside several subordinates, all of whom claimed that rodents were to blame for the missing drugs.

However experts throw doubt on the ability of mice eating their way through the unaccounted stash (cái được cất giấu vào nơi an toàn), as it would have killed the rodents (chuột) and left behind corpses (xác chết).

The forensic specialists from Buenos Aires University also testified that mice could not possibly confuse (nhầm) the drugs for food

Tin tốt buổi sáng

không chỉ ở toilet, vi khuẩn trong phân có mặt ở khắp mọi nơi...
Bathrooms are gross, but so is everything.

You may have heard there’s poop bacteria getting sprayed all over people’s hands by bathroom hand dryers. But did you know there’s poop bacteria everywhere!?

That’s right. While you’ve been freaking out over individual headlines suggesting that a tiny amount of fecal bacteria is lurking on your hands or faucets or what-have-you, those studies have been amassing into a whole body of research that shows pretty definitively that bacteria from our poop is absolutely everywhere. Here’s a short list of all the places scientists have found poop bacteria:

On computer keyboards
In your kitchen sponge, on the kitchen drain, and on your kitchen sink faucet handles (By the way, this same study found that kitchens had more fecal bacteria than bathrooms! Toilet seats were actually one of the least contaminated spots in the whole house.)
All over your phone
In a “fecal veneer” on indoor climbing walls
Hanging out on grocery shopping carts
On your shoes (duh)
Inside all of your clothes, probably because you wash them with your underwear—which contains a tenth of a gram (!!) of fecal bacteria per pair, on average
Surrounding you in every hotel room you’ve ever been in
Literally in the air you breathe

Hãy quên tên lửa Triều Tiên đi

mà hãy lo về điều sau:

trang trại do tập đoàn dược phẩm Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group ở Thành Đô, Tứ Xuyên, Trung Quốc nuôi... 6 tỷ con gián 1 năm

Long, narrowly spaced rows of shelves fill a multi-storey building about the size of two sports fields. The shelves are lined with open containers of food and water. It is warm, humid and dark all year round, with freedom to roam to find food and reproduce. Fully sealed like a prison, it has strict limitations on access to visitors. From birth to death, inhabitants never see the sun.

The world’s largest cockroach farm is breeding 6 billion adult cockroaches a year and using artificial intelligence to manage a colony larger than the world’s human population – all for medicinal use.

...The farm is operated by the Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group of Chengdu, Sichuan, which confirmed the validity of the government document but could not answer the Post’s queries because the matter involved trade secrets.

At the time of the government report, the farm had generated a total of 4.3 billion yuan (US$684 million) in revenue over the years by manufacturing a potion made entirely of cockroaches. When they reach the desired weight and size, the cockroaches are fed into machines and crushed to make the potion, which had “remarkable effects” on stomach pain (đau dạ dày) and other ailments (ốm đau), More than 40 million patients with respiratory (hô hấp), gastric (dạ dày) and other diseases were cured after taking the potion on doctors’ prescriptions (đơn thuốc), which stated that the farm was selling it to more than 4,000 hospitals across the country.

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