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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"A wife and a nag, choose them from your neighborhood" nghĩa là gì?

'A wife and a nag, choose them from your neighborhood'
~ ngạn ngữ Sicily

= vợ và ngựa đua, chọn trong vùng thôi

Ngày nào anh cũng mặc comple đi làm, ai ngờ sự thật đau điếng

nói chung là rất khó chịu/không thoải mái,

-> nổi loạn, không tuân theo quy tắc mặc comple ở công sở thì các đồng nghiệp biết ơn lắm lắm
Dear Dan,

I recently started working at a company that requires employees to wear suits, and I find them uncomfortable. Can you help me understand the logic for wearing them?


In my mind, suits represent everything wrong with modern society. They’re basically an expensive school uniform. The lack of choice does make suit purchases easier, and since people wearing suits look more or less the same, the clothing works as a kind of leveler in looks, ensuring that no one looks more interesting or exciting.

But suits kill sartorial (thợ may) creativity (sáng tạo) and individuality (tính cách riêng, phong cách, cá tính, sở thích cá nhân), and as you say, they’re uncomfortable. They are a prime example of our tendency to pick the unpleasant, uncreative option as long as it’s easy and makes us all look identical. My advice to you: Rebel (nổi loạn), and if you succeed, most of your co-workers will thank you.

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