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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

World Cup 2018, cơ hội cuối cho Thế hệ vàng Argentina

liên đoàn bóng đá nước này đưa ra cẩm nang 'hành trình tới Nga', trong đó có hẳn một chương 'làm thế nào để tán gái Nga'... :D

Setting aside the obvious (hiển nhiên, rành rành) dubious (mơ hồ, thiếu minh bạch, không rõ ràng, đáng ngờ) morals (đạo đức) of the whole exercise, it turns out that the manual’s author, Eduardo Pennisi, believes Russian women have the same standards as pretty much everyone else on Earth. Apparently, they like people who are “clean” and smell “good”.

In another stunning (gây ngạc nhiên, làm choáng váng) revelation (khám phá, tiết lộ), Russian women like to be treated (đối xử) as human beings (con người). “Russian girls do not like to feel like objects (đồ vật)”. “Many men, because Russian women are beautiful, only want to take them to bed (đưa nàng lên giường). Maybe they want it too, but they are people who want to feel important (cảm thấy quan trọng) and unique (độc nhất vô nhị, chỉ có một, đặc biệt). The advice (lời khuyên) is to treat the women who is in front of you with their own ideas and wishes. Pay attention (chú ý) to their values (giá trị) and personality (nhân cách, nhân phẩm, cá tính, lịch thiệp). Don’t ask stupid questions about sex.”

Additionally, Pennisi advises Argentinian men to avoid printing out their bank statement (in sao kê tài khoản ngân hàng) on a first date (ngày hẹn hò đầu tiên). “Maybe you try to impress (gây ấn tượng) her by talking about the money you have, that you know everything, that you are perfect and the others are poor stupid people,” reads the manual. “In the end, if the girl has a little sense, she will bounce (nhún lên nhún xuống) you. Be real and talk about you in real terms, talk about your faults in a fun way and about your positive points.”...

Đã bao lâu rồi bạn thiếu một cái ôm?

cảnh sát nhận được tin báo tới khám xét câu lạc bộ 'đổi vợ làm tình' vì có bé gái trong đó, đến nơi thì mới phát hiện ra rằng đó là... một phụ nữ 'rất thấp'

A spokesperson for Durham Constabulary said: ‘Police were called at around 9pm on July 16 2015 following concerns a child had entered a hotel named ClubF on High Street, Stanley.

‘Officers spoke to the staff at the hotel who confirmed the female was one of their customers who was an adult woman.’ Although police did not confirm how tall the woman was, their report stated that she was an ‘adult woman of shorter stature (vóc người)’.

The club, which has a ‘fully equipped dungeon (vọng lâu, ngục tối bên dưới lâu đài, hầm tù, địa lao)’, complete with a mistress (tình nhân) and pole dancing facilities. On its website, the club is described as ‘one of the country’s leading clubs and emphasises friendliness, fun and safety for its members’.

People pay £10 a year to be a member and as long as both parties consent, they can have sex with each other on the beds and leather sofas that are dotted throughout the building.

Có một thế hệ trẻ lớn lên cùng Internet

các em gái nghe lời beauty vlogger: làm trắng vùng kín bằng nước chanh :))

With the right surgeon (bác sĩ phẫu thuật) you can change just about any aspect of your appearance (vẻ bề ngoài, diện mạo, phong thái).

Whether this is always advisable (thích hợp, đáng theo) or a good idea is another matter altogether.

...Step forward cosmetics (mỹ phẩm) Huda Kattan, the founder of Huda Beauty, which recently posted an article titled “Why Your Vagina (âm đạo) Gets Dark (thâm) And How To Lighten It”. It reads: "We're busting myths (bí ẩn, lầm tưởng) as to why lightening your lady parts with natural ingredients may not be working and how you can actually improve it (if that's what you want!)."

...Huda Beauty then enlists the help of New York dermatologist (bác sĩ chuyên khoa da liễu) Dr Doris Day, who is real and absolutely nothing to do with the star of Calamity Jane.

Dr Day's "DIY vagina lightening hacks" recommend (khuyên, giới thiệu) using a range of items using lemon juice (nước chanh), yoghurt (sữa chua), coconut oil (dầu dừa) and egg whites (lòng trắng trứng).

While the post was no doubt well-intended, Huda has a huge social media following - and it's not gone down well with many of her fans.

One wrote on Twitter: "Honest to god, women like that need a slap (tát). no wonder young girls are insecure (bấp bênh, không vững chắc, không an toàn)."

Gã hàng xóm ồn ào

cãi nhau với... vẹt của bạn gái :D

A resident (cư dân) in Loerrach, near the Swiss border (biên giới), called the emergency  (khẩn cấp) number Monday to report his concerns (lo âu, mối bận tâm) about loud shouting from a next-door apartment that had been going on for some time.

Police said Tuesday that officers sent to the scene found there was a loud argument going on — but it was between a 22-year-old man and a parrot (con vẹt). The man told them he had been annoyed with the bird, which belonged to his girlfriend.

The parrot responded to being shouted at with loud noises of its own. Police said it couldn't speak but could bark (sủa) like a dog.

Since no one was hurt, the officers left.

Nếu bạn nghĩ mình có một ngày tồi tệ

thì hãy nghĩ đến những chú cá này:

cá chết vì thiếu oxi do... hà mã ỉa nhiều quá :D

Their dung (phân thú vật, điều ô nhục, điều ghê tởm, vật đáng ghét) consumes the oxygen around it, creating lethal (làm chết người, gây tai hại) pulses (mạch, nhịp đập) of suffocating (nghẹt thở, ngột ngạt) water.

At first, Chris Dutton and Amanda Subalusky had no idea why the fish were dying.

At a bridge on the border between Kenya and Tanzania, they noticed that whenever the Mara River rose by a few feet, dead fish would wash up on its banks, sometimes in the thousands. Storks (cò), vultures (kền kền), crocodiles (cá sấu), and hyenas (linh cẩu) made short work of the carcasses (xác súc vật), so “if you weren’t there to see it, you’d never know it was happening,” says Dutton. Local rangers knew about the die-offs, but they blamed (đổ lỗi) the events on farmers (nông dân) who sprayed pesticides (thuốc trừ sâu) in upstream fields.

It wasn’t the farmers. Through an increasingly bold set of experiments, involving remote-controlled boats, computer simulations, a makeshift dam, and vast tankers of excrement-filled water, Dutton and Subalusky identified the real culprits: hippos.

The duo, who are married, published their results in a paper with the remarkably polite title of “Organic matter loading by hippopotami causes subsidy overload resulting in downstream hypoxia (sự thiếu oxi trong mô) and fish kills.”

Bài trước: Phiền quá đi

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