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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" nghĩa là gì?

Google không thể bình luận gì vụ Facebook + Analytica. Photo courtesy Book Catalog.

'Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones' = sống trong nhà kính thì đừng ném đã -> nghĩa là sờ gáy mình rồi hãy nói xấu người khác.

Ví dụ
Green MSP Ross Greer defended his parliamentary colleagues: “David Mundell hasn’t given a straight answer to a single question I’ve asked him over the last two years so I’d suggest he doesn’t throw stones in the glass house of misunderstanding Brexit.

For Republicans like Trump and Conway who gloat when Democrats are accused, beware. It’s true that neither political party has a monopoly on virtue. But this White House is the ultimate glass house, and it would be wise not to throw stones. In fact, we’d all be better off focusing on a strategy that protects women rather than scoring political points.

You'd think in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which embroiled Silicon Valley frenemy Facebook earlier this year, Google would've taken a strong position against the companies who use and abuse your personal data for money or influence. The reality is that Google can't throw stones from the glass house it's in. Google makes far more money off its users than Facebook has, and arguably collects more user data than any other company and most governments -- including browsing histories, location data, emails, and your calendar. Its ads were abused by the Russians during the 2016 presidential election campaign. And the company has been hit by privacy scandal after privacy scandal in the past few years, ranging from sizable, like tracking users without their permission, to significant, like Android apps tracking children.

Phạm Hạnh

Những nhà giáo truyền lửa

một thầy giáo toán đã nghỉ hưu, vẫn muốn tạo điều khác biệt cho thế hệ tương lai,

nên lái oto khắp đất nước, đỗ xe trước nhà người lạ và... thủ dâm, một hành động dẫn tới sự ra đời của 79 đứa trẻ...

hiến tinh đó mà, và vợ thầy hoàn toàn thoải mái với điều này ;)

After retiring from his career as a maths teachers, Clive decided he still wanted to make a difference to future generations.

And to do so, he drives up and down the country pleasuring himself in his van in front of strangers' houses - a move that has so far resulted in 65 kids and another 14 on the way.

But he's not a creep (=a detestable person, người đáng ghét, đáng ghê tởm) - he just gives his sperm (tinh trùng) away for free to help women have children.

Whereas sperm from a fertility clinic would usually cost around £6,000, Staffordshire-resident Clive gives his away for free.

Often spending an entire day on the road, he drives his van to wherever he's needed, climbs into the back and fills a syringe (xơ-ranh, ống tiêm, ống chích; vòi phụt nước) with his sperm, which he keeps warm under his arm until handing it over...

Bài trước: Gã hàng xóm ồn ào

Chắc chắn ai đó sẽ xuống địa ngục

cảnh sát nói linh mục đến nhà thờ thì thấy một đôi trai gái đang làm tình dưới bức tượng Đức Mẹ Đồng Trinh ;)

Seaside Heights police say 43-year-old Anthony Getchius, of Newark, and 48-year-old Noelle Smart, of Jersey City, are facing lewdness (tính dâm đãng, dâm dật) charges.

Authorities say the pair was found around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in "a sacred (thần thánh, thiêng liêng; sùng kính, bất khả xâm phạm; long trọng) area" on the grounds of Our Lady of Perpetual (vĩnh viễn, bất diệt; suốt đời, chung thân) Help. They were in a secluded (hẻo lánh, ít người tới thăm; ẩn dật) garden located between the rectory (nhà ở của linh mục, nhà ở của hiệu trưởng) and the church, which is next door to police headquarters.

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