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Friday, June 1, 2018

Để phóng viên có thời gian nhậu

một công ty khởi nghiệp ở nhật bản, có phòng tin tức vận hành toàn bằng robot, search mạng xã hội và dùng thuật toán tự viết tin sốt dẻo,

ví dụ vụ ám sát kim jong-nam, anh trai chú Ủn, đưa tin trước các báo chí lớn khác tới 32 phút...

On Feb. 13 last year, the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was killed in an airport in Malaysia, in what the U.S. Department of State concluded was an assassination (ám sát) using a nerve agent (chất độc thần kinh). As North Korea and Malaysia were roiled (khuấy đục, chọc tức, làm phát cáu) in a diplomatic dispute (tranh cãi ngoại giao), one entrepreneur in Japan and his budding news service were about to reap (gặt hái, thu về) some attention (sự chú ý).

News of Kim Jong-Nam’s death was quickly picked up in Japan not by one of the country’s giant media conglomerates, but by a small startup (công ty khởi nghiệp nhỏ). JX Press Corp., a news technology venture (mạo hiểm) founded (được thành lập) in 2008 by Katsuhiro Yoneshige while he was still a freshman (sinh viên năm nhất) in college, reported the incident more than half an hour faster than the big names, according to one observer. It did so even though it has no journalists, let alone any international bureaus.

"NewsDigest got the scoop at 19:52, and TV stations had it about 20:30," sociologist  (nhà xã hội học) Noritoshi Furuichi wrote on Twitter after reports of Kim’s death. "Television has succumbed (thua, không chống nổi) to being a slow media."

JX Press’s secret, it turns out, is a combination of social media (mạng xã hội) and artificial intelligence (trí thông minh nhân tạo). Yoneshige and his team have developed a tool, using machine learning (học máy), for finding breaking news in social media posts and writing it up as news reports. Essentially, it’s a newsroom staffed by engineers.

...JX Press has some high-profile financial backers, including Japanese media giant Nikkei Inc. and venture capital companies Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co. and CyberAgent Ventures Inc. Its clients include many of Japan’s biggest broadcasters, such as NHK, TV Asahi and Fuji Television, all of which pay a monthly subscription -- which Yoneshige declines to disclose -- to use Fast Alert.

Những hình xăm kể chuyện

hai cha con làm dịch vụ lễ tang bảo quản và đóng khung hình xăm của người quá cố - để người thân có thể treo trên tường làm kỷ niệm...

Kyle Sherwood and his father Michael are morticians (= undertaker: người làm dịch vụ lễ tang) in the Cleveland, Ohio area
They also run Save My Ink Forever, a business that preserves and frames the tattoos (hình xăm) of the deceased (quá cố) for their loved ones
About two years ago they developed a process for preserving tattoos, which they have kept highly secret (bí mật)
When a person dies, his or her family contacts Save My Ink Forever about having their loved one's tattoo preserved
The company then sends a tattoo removal kit and instructional materials to the family's funeral director, who removes the tattoo
The removed tattoo is put into a dry preservative (chất bảo quản khô) and shipped to Save My Ink Forever, where it is preserved over the next three to four months
The company then matches each tattoo to a custom frame (khung) with UV glass and ships it back to the family
For a tattoo that is five inches by five inches, the entire process costs $1,599, including preservation, shipping and the custom frame
Save My Ink Forever does about 100 preservations a year, Kyle says

Rất trách nhiệm

một người đàn ông florida trèo lên cao, giữa công viên, và hét to cho trẻ em 4-6 tuổi vây quanh ở dưới: 'em bé đến từ đâu?'...

...Officers said Ryan at first was approaching tourists and making inappropriate (không thích hợp, không thích đáng) comments (lời bình luận, nhận xét) to women in an effort to get their male partners to confront (đối đầu, đe dọa) him. An officer in the area was watching him at the time.

"I watched (Ryan) walk over to the busy playground area and climb to the top of one of the children’s toys that was being occupied by children between the ages of 4 and 6," an officer wrote in an arrest report. "He then started shouting from the top telling the children that babies come out of women" — and used a vulgar (thô tục, thô bỉ; khiếm nhã, tục tĩu; thiếu thẩm mỹ, thiếu tế nhị) term in doing so.

"At that time parents were rushing to the area to remove their children," the officer wrote.

Police noted that Ryan has caused a number of disturbances (náo động, quấy rầy, nhiễu loạn) in the area recently — and jail records show a number of arrests over the last year on charges of disorderly (mất trật tự xã hội, bừa bãi phóng đãng) conduct, battery and carrying a concealed (che giấu, che đậy) weapon.

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