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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Một ngày khám phá Hang Rái

Bài trước: Tháp chàm Po Klong Garai - Biểu tượng du lịch của xứ xương rồng

Gian nan cha đi tìm con

bác sĩ mua răng của john lennon đăng báo tìm... con rơi của john để cùng nhau đòi quyền thừa kế cơ ngơi 400 triệu usd
A DENTIST who bought John Lennon’s tooth is looking for potential love children (con ngoài giá thú, con hoang) of the late (quá cố)-Beatle in a bid to stake a claim to his £400million estate.

Dr Michael Zuk, 45, from Alberta, Canada, purchased the legendary  (huyền thoại) songwriter’s decayed (sâu, mục, thối rữa) molar (răng hàm, răng nhai) at auction (cuộc đấu giá) in 2011 for around £20,000…

Speaking with The Sun Online, the dentist has sensationally revealed that he plans to stake a claim to the music icon’s vast estate using DNA from the body part.

He said: “I am looking for people who believe they are John Lennon’s child and have a claim to his estate and hopefully I can legitimise (hợp pháp hóa) their claim. John was a very popular guy who was having sex with lots of women and I doubt birth control was on his mind.

…“I would ask anyone who is participating to sign a commission agreement which would mean if they were related they would pay my company a percentage of their inheritance. Like a finder’s fee.”

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