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Sunday, December 16, 2018

"Right off the bat" nghĩa là gì?

Father and son baseball batting lesson in the Cloisters Park, Morro Bay, CA. Photo courtesy Mike Baird.

'Right off the bat' nghĩa là ngay lập tức.

Ví dụ
I was surprised by that because I don't think we went out everybody charging at Giordano right off the bat.

On that instance, we knew we had a driver that was possibly impaired just by the officer's observations of this individual right off the bat.

Right off the bat, Sacred Heart’s defense turned into quick offense as Nate Tabor led all scores at the half with 12, and Connor Tierney recorded six blocks.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on Facebook and commented on a number of interesting topics. Right off the bat, one fan asked him about comparing Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali on SmackDown to his match against John Cena on the night that he made his main roster debut on SmackDown in 2002. “I believe it had the same feel. The champ (Bryan) gave the new kid (or younger kid) a chance and the new kid stuck with him the entire match. Nothing more exciting than to see a heel champ lose (or almost lose) to the young buck. Great story telling. Both matches had that.”

Phạm Hạnh

500 anh em nhớ vào lịch

lễ hội đạp xe khỏa thân quốc tế (lớn nhất thế giới) ở edinburgh vào ngày 8/6/2019 :)

Organisers of a naked bike ride through Edinburgh hope to have dozens of people baring all next summer. The World Naked Bike Ride is an international "bare as you dare" cycle, calling for cleaner and safer streets.

The Edinburgh event is being organised for June 8 next year, pending approval by the city council. An exact route for the cycle is yet to be determined but dozens of riders are expected in various states of undress.

Previous Edinburgh naked bike rides were forced to stay at least partially clothed due to a warning from the police. However organisers say they are confident riders will be allowed to be fully nude this year, following further discussions with the police. It means next year's could be the largest so far.

Bài trước: Sao em nỡ vô tình

Sao em nỡ vô tình

mua trang phục 'người chăn cừu' cho con tham gia lễ hội ở trường, hóa ra đó là 'cừu - đồ chơi tình dục' :D

Helen Cox, of Alloa, Clackmannanshire, bought her son Alfie the £16.99 fancy (ngon, vui mắt, khác thường, lạ) dress costume (quần áo, y phục, trang phục) on Amazon for his play and he was delighted it came with a blow up sheep.

But she was puzzled (khó hiểu, khó trả lời, vấn đề khó xử, nan giải) when a teacher told him to take the sheep home - until she blew it up and found it had a huge hole in its bottom (lỗ lớn ở đít) - as well as red lips and eyelashes (môi và mi mắt màu đỏ).

Mother-of-two Mrs Cox, 46, found the exact same sheep was on sale as a 'stag night bonkin' sheep' - and is now devising (nghĩ cách) a way to steal (ăn cắp, lấy trộm) it away from unaware Alfie.

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