"Citizen of the world" nghĩa là gì?

Cầm... hộ chiếu lên và đi! Photo by Luke Littlefield on Unsplash.
'Citizen of the world' là người có thể thấy thoải mái, dễ thích nghi ở bất kỳ đất nước nào; công dân toàn cầu.

Ví dụ
"Our guests tell us the environment (môi trường) is important, so it's a big deal for us," explained Mark Penning, vice president of Disney's Animals, Science and Environment in a 2018 interview, adding that the company wants to be admired "not just for creating incredible content, but for being a responsible citizen of the world."

Burness considers himself a citizen of the world. “The world is interesting, so while I’m alive I have to live,” he said.

‘as a “citizen of the world”, I think Brexit is an enormous mistake (sai lầm),’ she says, ‘I couldn’t let Theresa May’s deal be voted through without having my constituents (cử tri)’ views represented.’

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