"Head in the clouds" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Fabian Bächli on Unsplash.
'Head in the clouds' nghĩa là đầu óc ở trên mây, ám chỉ người không thực tế, hay mơ mộng.

Ví dụ
Starbucks has its head in the clouds with latest beverages.

“I’ve always been a head-in-the-clouds dreamer, even as I’m working on very specific things,” explains the master musician, now 38, in an interview with the St. Pete Catalyst.

I download Netflix series that I watch on my phone when I fly. I can have headphones on, ignore (không quan tâm/phớt lờ) the travellers (khách du lịch) beside me and be in my own little world with my head in the clouds. It’s a handy way of avoiding inane (ngớ ngẩn) conversations (đoạn hội thoại) with travellers.

Natalie Mering has her head in the clouds. In "Andromeda" — one of the standout (nổi bật) songs on Titanic Rising, the latest album from her long-running project Weyes Blood— her attention (sự chú ý) is consumed by the celestial. 

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