Journey in Life: Di sản xanh của Ethiopia

Monday, September 2, 2019

Di sản xanh của Ethiopia

Ethiopia trồng hơn 350 triệu cây xanh chỉ trong một ngày

The burst (sự gắng lên, nỗ lực lên) of tree planting was part of a wider reforestation (sự tái trồng rừng) campaign (chiến dịch) named "Green Legacy," (di sản xanh) spearheaded (làm mũi nhọn dẫn đầu) by the country's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Millions of Ethiopians across the country were invited to take part (tham gia) in the challenge (thách thức) and within the first six hours, Ahmed tweeted that around 150 million trees had been planted.
"We're halfway to our goal," he said and encouraged Ethiopians to "build on the momentum (tạo đà) in the remaining hours." After the 12-hour period ended, the Prime Minister took to Twitter again to announce (tuyên bố) that Ethiopia not only met its "collective #GreenLegacy goal," but exceeded it.
A total of 353,633,660 tree seedlings (cây trồng từ hạt (đối với cây chiết hoặc ghép); cây giống con) had been planted, the country's minster for innovation and technology, Getahun Mekuria, tweeted.

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