Journey in Life: Nón giải khuây

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Nón giải khuây

một thanh niên bị phát hiện thủ dâm với nón cảnh báo trơn trượt ở nhà ga wigan :D

Trevor Smith, 38, was found in a lift with his trousers (quần dài) and undies (quần xịp) around his ankles (quanh mắt cá chân) while thrusting (đẩy mạnh, xô đẩy) his hips (hông, khớp háng) at the cone (nón, tín hiệu báo bão (hình nón)). When he was stopped, police noticed a white substance (chất trắng) on the floor (trên sàn) that was not cocaine. Smith, from nearby St Helens, admitted to police that he was worse for wear and had snorted (khịt khịt mũi) white powder that was given to him by friends to help perk him up.

...He was arrested for possession of a Class A drug but later de-arrested when it turned out the white substance was not a drug at all. Instead he faced charges of outraging public decency.


  1. I hope he at least bought the cleaning cone a nice dinner beforehand...

  2. It's beginning to dawn on Mr. Smith that instead of a cleaning cone, he should have had sex with The Cone of Silence.

  3. There is nothing more sexually attractive than a consenting cone.