"Bad blood between people" nghĩa là gì?

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"Bad blood (between people)" = Máu bẩn (giữa hai/nhiều người) -> Mối hận thù, bất hòa hoặc xung đột giữa hai người, nhóm hay tổ chức với nhau.

Ví dụ
There's always going to be bad blood between people during 'break ups'. This was the case when Magesh was kicked out of Mashamplani.

Investigators (điều tra viên) have to separate opinions and tips based on bad blood between people from information that might be useful, Stephens said.

Although there was bad blood between the group and Malik following his exit, the former bandmates (thành viên ban nhạc) acknowledge that the singer has had tremendous success (thành công lớn) as a solo artist.

In a northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood near Miami Lakes, people decorate their homes for the holidays. They like to be outside and they take pride in their community. But amidst (ở giữa) the good vibes (rung cảm, cảm giác) is some bad blood between people who live in a trio (bộ ba) of homes. And it’s all over dog poop.

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