"Acquaint me with" nghĩa là gì?

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'acquaint one with something' = làm cho ai quen thuộc hoặc hiểu biết về cái gì; làm quen; cho biết.

Ví dụ
That’s what I did, in a hardtop version of the 2020 Carrera 4S. Starting in the passenger seat, for enough laps to show me the course and acquaint me with the best braking (cái phanh) points, turn-in spots and apexes, I eventually graduated to the driver’s seat for a few laps at the controls.

Well, McLaren would—to “acquaint me with the brand,” they said, in advance of the launch of an all-new model a few weeks later. And get acquainted I did. There was some tender business acquainting myself with the low-slung, cockpit-like interior of the car, which seats two and only two and contains no glovebox (hộp ghế phụ).

“In 2000, Dean Weidner asked then-law student, Shenika ‘Nik’ Harris, a summer program alum, to acquaint me with the program and the difference it makes, particularly for those underrepresented (miêu tả không đúng) in the practice of law,” Hogan said. “In a time when we need it most, visiting with this year’s diverse participants confirmed that the summer program remains true to its goal of expanding opportunities in the law for students from all backgrounds.”

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