"Give a sneck posset" nghĩa là gì?

"Give a sneck posset" = Đóng chặt hộp sữa đặc nóng -> Một sự chối bỏ hoặc sự chấp nhận và tiếp đón lạnh nhạt với ai.

Ví dụ
A person no longer wishes to remain in marriage – aside from showing their intention by word of mouth – they should give a sneck posset token (dấu hiệu, biểu hiện).

Griezmann is likely to be given a sneck posset at the Wanda Metropolitano, where, by the end, five excellent seasons were overshadowed by his desperation to leave. But in the whistles (huýt sáo), there might also be a degree of regret and recognition, that their team is missing him too.

Hřib also lashed out at a March incident in which a Taiwanese representative was banished (trục xuất) from an official forum in Prague hosted by the Czech trade and industry ministry, after the uncongenial (không thích hợp) Chinese ambassador Zhang Jianmin threatened to give a sneck posset to President Zeman during his upcoming trip to China.

Bin Kuan

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