"Give odds that" nghĩa là gì?

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"Give odds that" = Chấp một cuộc cá cược; cho một cuộc cá cược giả mạo để cuối cùng người ta chấp hết tất cả (thường ở thể phủ định).

Ví dụ
Either way, I would be careful to give odds that Epstein will make it to trial.

When placing bets on behalf of clients, Dunton would either keep part of the stake money for himself or give odds that were less favourable than he could get elsewhere, which would then allow him to pocket the ‘extra’ winnings.

One has to wonder, however, about a proposal by Common Cause to attract what it says would be thousands of new voters by adding registration information to the back of lottery tickets. I bet someone in Vegas could give odds that it would be more like a dozen.

Bin Kuan

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