"Take a hit" nghĩa là gì?

Đòn chí mạng. Photo by Uriel Soberanes

"Take a hit" = nhận cú đá -> nghĩa là chịu thất bại/mất mát nặng nề; bị tàn phá hoặc ảnh hưởng nặng nề.

Ví dụ
And it is far from the only French cultural institution to take a hit. The Comedie-Francaise, France's most prestigious (có uy tín) theatre -- which also has a special pension regime (chế độ lương hưu) -- cancelled performances as some of its staff went on strike (đình công).

If an economic downturn (suy thoái nền kinh tế) hits, the company will certainly take a hit. With lower discretionary (tự do làm theo ý mình) income, consumers will cut back on technology purchases that contain Gorilla Glass, hurting the company's second largest business segment.

Though the communications business did take a hit in the final quarter of fiscal (công khố, tài chính) 2019, Analog believes that it will be back on track next year, since 5G rollouts (sự giới thiệu ra thị trường) are still in their early phase. According to CFO Mahendra-Rajah, "We are at the early stages of the Global 5G rollout, and we remain confident in our expectation that our comm's revenue (doanh thu) will grow in 2020 and beyond, given our market-leading position and higher content opportunity in 5G."

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