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Monday, March 25, 2019

Sứ mệnh trái tim

Ông công nhân vệ sinh này nhặt sách bị vứt trong thùng rác về và giờ đã có 25000 cuốn sách ở nhà ông. Và ông biến nó thành thư viện cộng đồng cho trẻ em trong khu phố, hat tip to linh hoang vu,

...For the past 20 years, Gutiérrez has been on a mission to save discarded books.

Gutiérrez, a garbage man, saves old books that other people have thrown away. Books are usually left separate from the rest of the rubbish, and if they're in good condition, Gutiérrez picks them up and takes them home.

Though Gutiérrez's collection started with a single book (Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina"), today the total number of recovered reads has grown to roughly 25,000 at last count. The books take up the entire ground floor of his house, stacked up into great walls and mountains of pages.

...Gutiérrez's family helps run the project, coordinating pickups, doing the administrative work, and organizing events.

But more than instilling a love of books, the program is also about giving kids a leg up in education.

"A rush of blood to the head" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash.
'A rush of blood to the head' = máu dồn nhanh lên não, nghĩa là cảm giác đột nhiên thấy cực kì hào hứng hoặc cực kì tức giận dẫn tới một hành động không lường trước hoặc không kiểm soát được.

Ví dụ
Jacky is by now a barman (người ở quầy pha chế) in a local pub. At closing time one evening he overhears the drunken boasting of McGee jnr, mimicking (nhại lại, bắt chước) how his friend Titch was "squealing (la hét) for his ma-a-a-mmy" as they forced him to the place of "punishment". A rush of blood to the head. Jacky leaps from behind the bar and flattens McGee with a straight punch. He is now in big trouble with the paramilitaries (tổ chức hoạt động như quân đội nhưng không chính thống). Hard men have weak egos (cái tôi). Jacky goes into hiding. Like hundreds of others over the years, he resolves to disappear to England. In the dead of night he pays one last visit to his home to collect some belongings. Another big mistake.

Having read an article about Regain and their work, he suffered (chịu đựng) “a rush of blood to the head” he headed to South Africa to complete his first cycle challenge (thách thức) assisting this charity (từ thiện) and five tetraplegics (chứng bại liệt).

Every now and then I get a rush of blood to the head and attempt to diversify (đa dạng hóa) my farming activities. Such an event happened last spring when a moderately sized, light-land arable (đất trồng) and grassland (đồng cỏ) farm not too far away was looking for a tenant (người thuê). I emphasise (nhấn mạnh), a tenant.

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