Journey in Life: 2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020

"Son of Belial" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Stefano Ciociola on Unsplash

"Son of Belial" = con của Belial -> nghĩa là người độc ác/xấu xa. Belial là con quỷ, tên khác của Satan.

Ví dụ
Etrigan himself is the demon son of Belial, another demon, whose half-brother is none other than Merlin the Wizard (phù thủy).

She was teaching the art class today and a little after 8 AM a demon-possessed (quỷ nhập) Son of Belial enters the room and starts shooting… killing 8 students and 2 teachers.

Now therefore know and consider what thou wilt do; for evil is determined (xác định) against our master, and against all his household: for he is such a son of Belial, that a man cannot speak to him.

Ngọc Lân

"Son of a gun" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Alex Iby on Unsplash

"Son of a gun" -> nghĩa là người xấu tính/khó chịu, câu này có thể dùng để khích lệ, khen ngợi, nghĩa khác là tình huống khó khăn, khó giải quyết.

Ví dụ
Campbell Rawiller remembers it like it was yesterday … being picked up on John Singleton’s broad shoulders and a nearby security guard shooting him a filthy look. The scene was Royal Randwick, 2012, and the son of a gun was 10 years old.

In the climactic verse, Daniels sang: “The devil bowed (cúi đầu) his head because he knew that he’d been beat (đánh bại). “He laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny’s feet. “Johnny said, `Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again. “I told you once you son of a gun, I’m the best that’s ever been.”

This year is no different. The 5-10 Barea has seen his playing time dip somewhat, but when he’s been on the court, he still gets the job done, averaging 7.5 points and 3.8 assists in just 15 minutes per game. At 36, he’s still a pest (tai họa) and a competitive son of a gun that the Mavericks value in spot situations.

Ngọc Lân

"Not care a straw" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Zach Betten on Unsplash

"Not care a straw" -> nghĩa là không thèm quan tâm, để tâm.

Ví dụ
“I don’t care a straw for your newspaper articles (bài báo),” the head of the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine reportedly said of Nast’s employer, Harper’s Weekly, before eventually being arrested and convicted of fraud (lừa đảo).

The guy is in cahoot (thông đồng) with his pet foreign investors, to exploit, impoverish (làm kiệt sức) and enslave Ugandans. To Mr. M7's sadism; the 86% poverty of Ugandans, which he mockingly attribute to sleep; is for him progress. Therefore granting minimum wage will be a regress. In other words, the man does not love nor care a straw about Ugandans.

His fierce (gay gắt) attachment to the here and now and the body was shocking in a culture where music was supposed to lead one upwards to the spiritual. “I was born right – I don’t have to 'develop’,” he once wrote. “I am happy thru and thru: happy in my race, happy in my art... I don’t care a straw about god and eternity (vĩnh hằng) because I am quite complete as I am.”

Ngọc Lân

Saturday, July 11, 2020

"In the same ballpark" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Joshua Peacock on Unsplash

"In the same ballpark" = trong cùng một sân bóng -> nghĩa là cùng số lượng/giá trị, đồng giá, tương đương nhau về tầm quan trọng.

Ví dụ
We're not in the same ballpark as the other states there. I don't think we should be singled (đơn độc) out, certainly not by our partners in the region that we've tried to help when they needed our help.

As far as how much Jackson will make, it's unjust (không công bằng) to put him in the same ballpark as Mahomes at this time -- the Chiefs passer has had arguably the best two years to begin his career as a starter than any quarterback in NFL history.

It seems extortionate (quá đắt) and while it’s still in the same ballpark as other online games it is more expensive than Apex Legends, which charges upwards of £8.80 for a weapon skin and £14.40 for a character skin (which Valorant doesn’t have yet).

Ngọc Lân

"Worth your while" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Harry Sandhu on Unsplash

"Worth your while" -> nghĩa là quan trọng, hữu dụng, xứng đáng với công sức bỏ ra.

Ví dụ
Time, cost and complexity (phức tạp) will determine (xác định) whether it's worth your while to hire a credit repair service or take on a dispute (tranh cãi) yourself.

As a beer, Rainbows Are Real has benefits (lợi ích) of its own; the New England style IPA uses Azacca, Citra, and Mosaic hops to create a juicy brew with very little bitterness (độ đắng). There are a lot of beers like this out there these days, but this one is worth your while.

This search will definitely yield (mang lại) a lot of results and it is up to you to check them all out respectively and see if any of those is worth your while and your money.

Ngọc Lân

"Go to the stake" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

"Go to the stake" -> nghĩa là sẵn sàng làm bất kỳ điều gì để bảo vệ niềm tin/đức tin của mình. Stake là cọc, cột nơi hồi xưa người bị coi là "dị giáo" bị cột vào và thiêu sống.

Ví dụ
We decided to go to the stake just because what she showed last time out (maiden (thiếu nữ) win) and what she’s been showing us in the mornings.

Friels' Galileo seems one who would stoically (khắc kỷ) go to the stake for his beliefs, not to mention face a spot of torture (tra tấn).

Malick has asked these questions before in his wartime (thời chiến) masterpiece The Thin Red Line, and they work just as well with Franz, who is willing to go to the stake for his beliefs.

Ngọc Lân

"Box his ears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Musa Ortaç on Unsplash

"Box one's ears" -> nghĩa là đánh vào tai ai đó bằng tay với lực mạnh; hay còn gọi là bạt tai đó các bạn.

Ví dụ
My mindset going in is to have a rude (thô lôc), kind of cocky (tự mãn) mentality and box his ears off and if I see the opportunity to stop him and take him out I will.

Taking to Twitter, Julia described what happened: "[sic] Standing in a queue (xếp hàng) for essentials,a tall,beautiful,15yr old girl stands less than 1 foot behind me.I ask politely if she would stand 2 metres back. "Her reply “Don’t talk to me like that,I’ll box your ears,if you don’t wonoo [want to] get the disease then don’t come out."

So, if you know a dyslexic (chứng khó đọc) kid, be careful: he or she might box your ears off in a debate. If readers of Italics Magazine want to send me their own examples of dyslexia, please do. I seek (tìm kiếm) them.

Ngọc Lân

"Make a clean breast of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Miguel A. Amutio

"Make a clean breast of" có breast là lòng, tâm trạng, tình cảm -> cụm từ này nghĩa là thú nhận, thú lỗi, nhận tội; khai hết những việc/điều sai trái đã làm.

Ví dụ
when you are caught out in a mistake, make a clean breast of things, and as quickly as possible – don’t dally with your apology.

When she presents her second budget next Saturday, policy wonks expect Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to make a clean breast of all government borrowings. This includes off-budget financing, which is nothing but debt taken by public sector enterprises (PSEs) such as the Food Corporation of India (FCI) to bridge the subsidy (tiền trợ cấp) gap.

Let me make a clean breast of it here, and frankly admit that I kept but sorry guard. With the problem of the universe revolving in me, how could I — being left completely to myself at such a thought-engendering altitude, — how could I but lightly hold my obligations to observe all whale-ships' standing orders, "Keep your weather eye open, and sing out every time."

Ka Tina

"Clean the floor up with" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Solal Ohayon

"Clean the floor (up) with (one)" -> nghĩa là tấn công/đánh ai rất quyết liệt.

Ví dụ
This really ticked off the clan (bè đảng, thị tộc) who owned the school, and they promptly challenged Musashi to one final battle-- against several archers, swordsmen, musketeers and (probably) ninja warriors (chiến binh) all eager to clean the floor with him. In true Musashi style, Miyamoto arrived to the temple several hours early, lying in wait before jumping out, two swords in hand, killing the school’s headmaster and fighting his way out of the throng of martial artists, forever ending that particular branch of the Yoshioka school.

The bigger challenge was all about taking turns overseeing every dish before it makes its way out into the dining room. Jay set the bar high, handling it all with ease. Holli was nervous when she started out but then pulled it together. Benjamin and Autumn had less-than-stellar performances. So it was no surprise that the two of them were sent home, leaving Holli and Jay in the final challenge: Creating their own restaurants. "I'm going to clean the floor with him," Holli vowed. So, who do you think is going to win? And does this relationship have a snowball's chance in ... hell?

Do not fear tattooed bikers. Men on motorcycles stopped three times as often as motorists to see if we needed help when we had stopped the car to look at the scenery. The bikers were friendly and capable. In America, those who look the strangest are often the most helpful and the most normal-looking can be dangerous. Beware of smooth talkers in expensive suits. They will try to sell you something. A last word on motorcyclists: It is not rare for women to ride "hogs" (big, bad motorbikes) either, so don't be scared by biker chicks. They may really just want to lend a hand. Chances are, they can clean the floor with you, so treat them like ladies and you'll do fine.

Ka Tina

"Up to no good" nghĩa là gì?

Thập thò, thập thò. Photo courtesy: gato-gato-gato

"Up to no good" -> làm hoặc lên kế hoạch cho một việc xấu; có ý đồ xấu.

Ví dụ
Anyone waiting around on street corners at night must be up to no good.

“When he saw me walk out the first time I caught him I knew he was up to no good because he looked at me, dropped the sock and then ran next door underneath my neighbor’s truck,” she said.

The American people, who had looked up to bankers in the 1920s, now called them “banksters”—gangster-like figures up to no good. The hearings (phiên điều trần) had crafted a narrative (bài tường thuật) about who had wronged them, and how, and prepared the way for Congress to enact sweeping new laws to ensure it would never happen again.

“Looking back now,” Kwan said, “I was a good shape-shifter from a very early age.” During school hours, he was a preppy (học sinh ở trường tư thục) ACS kid, but once classes let out he became a “wild little island child.” There were, back then, still kampongs (làng) in Singapore—simple village compounds, where Kwan and his gang from the neighborhood would get up to no good, stealing baby chickens and climbing trees to pick fruit. Then he’d hear the dinner gong (cồng chiêng), and he’d scramble (phi nhanh) home to clean up and make himself presentable for a wide range of potential guests—his aunt’s artist friends, or visiting dignitaries (người quyền cao, chức trọng), or the finance minister.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Pay the piper" nghĩa là gì?

"You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" nghĩa là gì?

Này đủ đẹp chưa?? Photo by: Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

"You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" = bạn không thể làm ví lụa từ tai lợn nái -> nghĩa là không thể tạo ra cái gì đẹp đẽ, giá trị từ những vật liệu kém chất lượng.

Ví dụ
You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…so goes the common adage (câu ngạn ngữ). You have to speculate (nghiên cứu) to accumulate…so goes another quite common saying. Leeds United know that and have gone out on a limb to some extent this season as they chase the Premier League’s Golden Goose.

"You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" is the familiar adage, however some winemakers (người làm rượu) have historically shown a remarkable talent for ruining their exceptional raw (thô) materials with rampant oaking.

Mr Graham warned: ‘We also have to get real and stop pretending (giả vờ) that we can fix the problems of bad Jersey genetics by crossing back with beef breeds and using sexed semen. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Ngọc Lân

"The walls have ears" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Sai De Silva on Unsplash

"The walls have ears" = tường cũng có tai đấy -> nghĩa là có ai đang nghe lén/ nghe trộm; 'tai vách mạch rừng'.

Ví dụ
A former secondary school teacher who has lived in Hong Kong for more than a decade (thập niên) said although she loved the city and its people: “I don’t want to live somewhere where the walls have ears.”

They were, as Rawlins puts it, discarded ‘‘like yesterday’s fish and chip wrappers’’. However, there was little the women could do. “Nobody knew what we women were doing because we were told when we got the job that we mustn’t speak about it to anyone, because we were told ‘the walls have ears’,” adds Kathleen.

Careful, the walls have ears. Or more specifically (cụ thể), the smart speaker on the table has ears, as does the phone in your pocket, the fitness band on your wrist, possibly the TV, the fridge, the toaster, and maybe even the toilet. Oh, and your car is listening to you too. Probably.

Ngọc Lân

"Speak your language" nghĩa là gì?

Nói chuyện với trẻ cần có ngôn ngữ riêng đó. Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

"Speak (one's) language" nghĩa là nói/giao tiếp theo cách phù hợp với người nghe, khiến người nghe hiểu được.

Ví dụ
Handson experience in the U.S. Army will certainly be considered as a definite plus on your resume. Do we speak your language! If you're interested in becoming an Army Linguist, we'd ike to hear from you.

So first, he had to be sufficiently impressed with the literature for it to engage his attention. It had to speak his language, so to speak, addressing the several practical concerns that were troubling him in the mid-1890s.

They're often lesss elfconscious about speaking than older learners. If you work as an au pair (một cặp) to small children, you can just speak your language and the children begin to acquire it because they need to communicate.

The shaman (pháp sư) laughed, shook his head, and looked at the other River hunters gathered in the lodge. They, too, laughed, raised hands with fingers spread to show their approval that Raven would attempt to speak their language.

Thu Phương

"Use strong language" nghĩa là gì?

Đôi khi cứ thế bộc phát nói nặng lời. Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

"Use strong language" nghĩa là nói nặng lời, chỉ trích gay gắt, xúc phạm hoặc đe dọa.

Ví dụ
By the time I began using REBT in January, 1955, I therefore had no difficulty using strong language and kept doing so.

Although bad language is not usually acceptable, when emotions are running high, it is normal for people to use strong language.

I have no doubt we should have some very lively proceedings indeed. But the Standing Orders, enforced by you, Mr. Speaker, prevent our using strong language, and we are checked at once if we use any language that is unparliamentary (trái với quy định của nghị viện).

Her compromise was to be sarcastic: “Well, you're very kind to me. I mean I gave you in the past things and it's – uhm – alright, no thank you.” In the same situation, Nogah wanted to use strong language but did not know how to say it in English in a way that would not sound too exaggerated.

Thu Phương

"Use foul language" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

"Use foul language" nghĩa là chửi tục, dùng ngôn từ tục tĩu, dâm dục.

Ví dụ
If it takes foul language to get Waldo on my side I'll use foul language. Whatever it takes.

Cursing is loosely used interchangeably (có thể thay thế) with swearing (using foul language) but in its precise meaning it is a species within the generic form, swearing.

My boys use foul language all the time with each other. I can hardly stand being around them. My husband and I don't talk that way and we've told them to stop. They stop for a minute and then start right up again.

Similar to other workers employed in dangerous occupations (nghề nguy hiểm), coal miners (thợ mỏ) are notorious for using profanity (lời tục tĩu). The women said that men generally apologized if they thought a woman had overheard them using foul language.

Thu Phương

"Mind your language" nghĩa là gì?

Miệng xinh là để nói những lời tốt đẹp. Photo by Mochammad Algi from Pexels

"Mind (one's) language" nghĩa là coi chừng lời nói, ăn nói cho cẩn thận.

Ví dụ
During the procedure, mind your language and be careful with comments you make.

"Oi, mind your language young madam”, I said, “We don't want you getting into bad habits.”

Mind your language, constable (nguyên soái), and stop fussing. All's well, isn't it? I don't think I see you swimming for shore exactly.

He took it back, said, “Out of your league, Pops.”
“Terence, you're really going to have to mind your language.”
His expression now was rampant (hung hăng) with the NewIreland, smug, greedy, knowing.

Thu Phương

"Language that would make a sailor blush" nghĩa là gì?

"Cấm nói bậy nghe chưa?" Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

"Language that would make a sailor blush" = ngôn từ khiến thủy thủ đỏ mặt -> nghĩa là sử dụng ngôn từ rất tục tĩu. Tương tự "language that could/would fry bacon".

Ví dụ
On their honeymoon the car broke down and Dad used some language that would make a sailor blush.

But I too smoke like a chimney (ống khói). I drink and get pissed; most good actors do. And my language would make a sailor blush.

The anarchists (người chủ trương vô chính phủ) who were interviewed would give some of the most despicable (đáng khinh) movie characters a run for their money. Their language would make a sailor blush. It even made me blush, and I'm no shrinking violet (người nhút nhát).

As the cars were being switched onto the various tracks, the switchmen (người bẻ ghi đường sắt) would often have disagreements how and where to line up the cars. The language that would fry bacon. As a young kid, I was not able to add those new words to my vocabulary because swearing was not permitted in my family.

Thu Phương

Friday, July 10, 2020

"Wigs on the green" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

"Wigs on the green" nghĩa là đánh nhau, chiến đấu, ẩu đả. Thời xưa, đàn ông thường đội tóc giả, dễ bị tuột nếu gặp tác động).

Ví dụ
Through the day, and as night settles dark on the scene, Mirth ends with shillelagh (cây gậy), and wigs on the green.

Mr. David Balfour has a very good ground of complaint, and I think, gentlemen—if his story was properly redd out—I think there would be a number of wigs on the green.

Our oldest soldiers noticed the above with the following characteristic remark 'Hands up soldiers! For there will be wigs on the green today (i.e. dead men's heads on the grass) Here is no child's play, for Jack Frenchman is in right earnest!

This brought all the wigs on the green, and in 1885 a meeting, to which all members of the University were admitted, was held in the rooms of the “ Union ", the largest undergraduate club in Cambridge, to ascertain (xác định) the feeling of the University.

Thu Phương

"Flourish like a green bay tree" nghĩa là gì?

Cho dù trải qua bao phong ba bão táp, chúng vẫn không ngừng lớn lên. Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

"Flourish like a green bay tree" = mạnh mẽ lớn lên như cây nguyệt quế -> nghĩa là cố cắng, phát triển để thành công. Cây nguyệt quế được biết đến là loài cây thường mọc nhanh và nhiều cành mỗi năm.

Ví dụ
He says : “It will, I trust and believe , continue to live and flourish like a green bay tree, in despite of the puerile (non nớt) efforts for its destruction of Æquus and his allies."

“The wicked shall flourish like the green bay tree,” said Captain Gregg, “It was a pretty way of admitting your villainy (tính độc ác), my dear, but never mind, we'll forget it. I was never one to bear a grudge (hận thù)."

It is a fact that one may “flourish like a green bay tree” and yet be unrighteous (bất chính), but we should also remember that the bay tree at last perishes (héo), or is cut down, and such is the fate of the unrighteous.

Not merely the wicked (độc ác), but the improvident (không lo xa) and the negligent (cẩu thả), often flourish like the green bay tree, and they keep on flourishing, and setting wisdom and righteousness (ngay thẳng) at defiance (không tuân theo) in the most successful manner.

Thu Phương

"Make bricks without straw" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Jon Tyson on Unsplash

"Make bricks without straw" = làm gạch không cần rơm -> nghĩa là làm việc nhưng lại thiếu mất dụng cụ/đồ vật cơ bản cần thiết nhất; đóng thuyền mà không xẻ ván đó các bạn.

Ví dụ
“You can’t make bricks without straw,” goes the old saying. Nonsense (vô lý) – of course you can. In fact you can even make bricks without clay (đất sét), and that’s far more impressive.

Mr Livingstone is no hothead (người nóng vội). He’s not known for hitting the panic button. But he is clearly a man at the end of his tether (phạm vi) who has been asked to make bricks without straw for too long.

The Sharing Community and a number of other not-for-profit agencies are “always required to make bricks without straw,” said Rev. DeForest Raphael, president of the nonprofit’s (phi lợi nhuận) board of directors.

Ngọc Lân

"Strike up a friendship" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

"Strike up a friendship" nghĩa là kết bạn, kết giao bằng hữu.

Ví dụ
He comes from down around New Bedford there. So we strike up a friendship.

Orlando, who has also fled to Arden, meets Ganymede, and the two strike up a friendship.

If you're one of those girls, you know it's not always easy to strike up a friendship or maintain a connection in the midst of all the changes that go on in these years.

Vacationers on cruise ships and in resorts often exhibit a strange behavior: If they meet people who hail from (tới từ) the same town, region, or country, they'll strike up a friendship and hang out with those people for the rest of their stay.

Thu Phương

Còn hơn là ở bên trong

nhiều người ỉa bậy bên ngoài nhà nghỉ của nữ hoàng... :D

Employees at Balmoral Castle, which the Queen frequently visits for holidays throughout the year, have complained about wet wipes being left on the estate and urged people not to use the spot as an outdoor toilet.

Most public facilities are closed in the United Kingdom due to the country's lockdown, but people are allowed to exercise and socialize outside, leading many to seek quiet public places if nature calls ("tiếng gọi thiên nhiên") during a day out.

"Disappointed to see so many wipes discarded on the Estate today. Next to paths and monuments. Please remember there are no public toilets open for miles around at the moment," staff at Balmoral wrote.

"Part of the problem is that we are seeing a lot of non biodegradable wipes being discarded in the countryside," they added. "Also, people are choosing to relieve themselves right next to busy paths or monuments rather than move a little bit further away to avoid contamination." (bẩn, ô uế)

Về giường ngủ tiếp thôi

tập nặng sẽ giảm tuổi thọ, khoa học đã chứng minh :)

nghiên cứu dựa trên các diễn viên kịch kabuki của nhật bản,
Maintaining a regular exercise schedule is usually among the first suggestions offered whenever anyone is looking to get in better shape and feel healthier. But, at what point does too much exercise become unhealthy? Perhaps it depends on how hard you push yourself. A surprising new study out of Japan concludes that daily strenuous activity might actually shorten, not prolong, one’s lifespan.

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology analyzed a group of Kabuki actors for this study. Kabuki is a classical Japanese performance art characterized by quick and constant movement. The study’s authors were shocked to see that Kabuki actors had shorter lifespans compared to people with more sedentary lifestyles.

So, while people who have jobs and occupations that require constant movement and activity may assume they’re keeping themselves healthy, that may not be the case after all.

Bài trước: Bớt căng

"Brick-and-mortar" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Randy Fath on Unsplash

"Brick-and-mortar" = gạch và vữa -> nghĩa là tồn tại trong một tòa nhà hoặc cửa hàng, thay vì kinh doanh trên mạng.

Ví dụ
Many brick-and-mortar businesses treat their website as an online brochure (sách quảng cáo) where customers can “get information” rather than take action. Make your website actionable.

Chinese cosmetic (mỹ phẩm) industry insiders are busy this year, even though COVID-19 has disrupted business as usual. Among them, offline beauty retailers have seen an unexpected peak (đỉnh cao), as online buyers have started pouring back into brick-and-mortar chain stores to experience hands-on shopping journeys.

Microsoft is shuttering brick-and-mortar locations as it unveils (công khai) a “strategic change” in the way it runs its retail (bán lẻ) business.

Ngọc Lân

"Be cooked to a turn" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tikkho Maciel

"Be cooked to a turn" = chỉ với một lượt nấu -> nghĩa là món được nấu/làm đúng với thời gian cần thiết hoặc như mong đợi.

Ví dụ
For her entree (món chính), my dining partner opted for the shrimp scampi (tôm sốt bơ tỏi) ($11.99), large boiled shrimp scattered over a bed of linguine noodles and dressed in a garlic-laden Alfredo sauce, and sided with a garden salad. The linguine was properly al dente, the Alfredo sauce creamy, cheesy and redolent (thơm nồng) of garlic and the shrimp expertly cooked to a turn and enjoyed on every forkful.

It was a good steer. The fish was flaky (có dạng vảy), the batter thin and crispy and there was plenty of it. So much so that the labrador under the table got to the stage that even he was full. A word for the chips too. Clearly hand-cut, all of differing shapes and sizes and cooked to a turn. Another hit. We were offered puddings and I have to confess on another occasion, I may have been tempted by the cherry pie... but we were both completely stuffed.

Let’s be clear, Trump is cooked to a turn and the question is; how many GOPer Senators will be eaten, digested and flushed this fall. Biden shut Bernie down with the announcement that he will choose a woman VP and although Bernie earned his place in history, he is yesterday’s news. And let’s not be coy (bẽn lẽn, xấu hổ), shall we? Biden will bring out black vote, Kamala will get Obamaesque numbers. Amy will make a fine AG, no? Or would you prefer the vice versa (ngược lại)? Maybe Stacey? One more thing; make no mistake, Beto is the white Obama. His “He’ll Yes” was a game changer. The game is Texas Hold em and Beto holds the Texas card, just like he held the Harris county card in ’18. Never bet against a guy named Beto.

Ka Tina

"Sandwich short of a picnic" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Suea Sivilaisith on Unsplash

"Sandwich short of a picnic" = buổi dã ngoại thiếu bánh sandwich -> nghĩa là điên rồ, ngu ngốc.

Ví dụ
While it is nowhere claimed that the earl was a sandwich short of a picnic, when he expired in 1792 it was remarked that: "Seldom (hiếm khi) has any man held so many offices and achieved so little."

To which James Jordan , who is married to fellow dancer Ola , replied: "Mate, she's a sandwich short of a picnic!!!"

Poor old Nico. Since giving up (từ bỏ) the wheel his every utterance (phát biểu) serves to prove that he is a sandwich short of a picnic.

Ngọc Lân

"Under the name of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Thomas William on Unsplash

"Under the name of someone" -> nghĩa là đứng tên ai, dưới quyền sở hữu của ai đó.

Ví dụ
West Indies skipper Jason Holder said that the players of both England and the West Indies taking a knee (quỳ gối) to express their solidarity (tình đoàn kết) with the ongoing anti-racism movement, under the name of ‘Black Lives Matter, mean “the world to him”.

Another resident under the name of Lang’ata Gardens Ltd, said he has put up a multi-storey (nhiều tầng) building worth Sh240 million in a plot in Lang’ata Phase 3 and it would be illegal to bring it down, yet the title is lawful.

All this came from a document (tài liệu) under the name of Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma’s Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, marked “top secret”.

Ngọc Lân