"Kick into touch" nghĩa là gì?

"Kick (something) into touch" = Đá văng cái gì ra/đá bóng ra ngoài đường biên -> Ngăn cản cái gì xảy ra/thành công; trì hoãn kế hoạch/hành động.

Ví dụ
But The Sun newspaper exclusively brings you a revolutionary eating plan to help you kick it into touch – or stop you developing the condition in the first place.

It’s Machenaud!! He turns it over in midfield and they kick it into touch. France have won - out of the fire! And there’s a blue after the whistle. So much emotion on show, and the melee diffuses. What a dramatic conclusion!! What an incredible, topsy-turvy contest (cuộc thi đảo lộn, đảo điên)!

This is where it becomes so critical that the PSO, we need a result from that as fast as possible, or even just kick it into touch and let's just get on with life again, get Aurigny back up and running. Then we'd have the three dorniers, because they're suggesting at the moment two dorniers for next year which is just not going to work for two sectors, that'll be detrimental (thiệt hại, bất lợi) to tourism and business again.

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