Journey in Life: Manila đối phó với tình trạng nước biển dâng

Friday, February 14, 2020

Manila đối phó với tình trạng nước biển dâng

và San Francisco nữa, làm như nào ta...

Our Climate reporters looked at the way the sprawling metropolitan areas of Manila and San Francisco are handling the climate crisis and rising sea levels.

Will they try to redirect water (nắn dòng) to adapt (thích ứng) to their needs, or reimagine their coastlines (đường bờ biển)? Their decisions could offer crucial lessons for coastal cities around the world.

In Manila: The ground has been subsiding because of the rapid extraction (sự bòn rút, sự moi) of ground (mặt đấ) water, and sea levels (mực nước biển) have risen by as much as 5 to 7 centimeters a year — double the global average.

Residents have responded with Band-Aid fixes, like pouring layers of cement and sand on the floor. Many have nowhere else to go.

In San Francisco: Wealthy Bay Area municipalities can afford costly sea walls (bức tường) and new infrastructure, staving off (ngăn chặn) destruction (sự phá hủy) for a few more years. But even so, some quickly eroding (xói mòn) communities (cộng đồng) are running out of options (hết giải pháp).

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