Có nhầm thật không?

mua nhầm 48 thùng thay vì 48 cuộn giấy vệ sinh, hết hơn 3.200 usd...
An Australian family who accidentally bought 48 boxes of toilet paper decided to resell the rolls as the country faces shortages (thiếu hụt) thanks to coronavirus panic (cơn hoảng loạn) buys — and they used the money to help their daughter's school.

...The order, bought on the online company Who Gives a Crap, cost $3,264 instead of the $68 that 48 rolls would have cost. Janetzki bought the rolls on her credit card (thẻ tín dụng) but didn't check her statement until after 48 boxes of toilet paper arrived at her door.

Bài trước: Gia tài của bố
Tags: funny

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